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    Default The Best of 2009

    Maybe it's a bit early still, but what was your best fish or fishing experience of 2009 ?

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    I'd have to say mine was the big smallmouth that I got in a local pond, just 1/4 mile down the street from the house.

    When we moved here 20 years ago, even though this small reservoir was posted, the pond was quietly fished.
    The largemouth fishing was outstanding. Monstrous fish (I recently saw a picture of one that could have been the state record !) and lots of them too.
    As you could imagine, the word soon got out and some chucklehead cut in a boat launch. The big bass and 2 foot pickerel were all culled out and pan fish became dominate.

    Fast forward to about 4-5 years ago.
    The town bought the reservoir from the water company and closed down the boat launch.
    While the same launch area is still open to car-toppers, there's only parking for 2 cars and it's a bit of a portage down to the water.
    That's cut way down on the pressure and fishing has begun to improve.
    While the action isn't close to what it was years ago, it's at least begun to be worth fishing there again.

    This season I got 2 nice smallies there. My first ever smallmouth from that pond.
    Hopefully it's a real nice indication of what's instore for the future
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: The Best of 2009

    this last july, two of my good friends and i took our first, of many annual north woods fishing trips in wisconsin. it was four days long and the fishing was awesome! it was def one of my favorite times fishing.

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    ain't a fly tale, but august after i bought my boat me and my buddy went to christen my vessel, for two hours of not catching anything we decide to try across the lake (which i was nervous about because all i had was a trolling motor with one battery... but once we got there my buddy got a hit, and the line broke almost immediatly. He insisted to throw right where his was, and i was able to christen my boat with the first catch on it!

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    Default Re: The Best of 2009

    Boy, did 2009 go fast. I'll have to get my new fishing license pretty soon.

    My best of 2009 does not involve having a hero day. It was about learning a new game. I had a chance to be guided by Captain Kevin Doran on the California Delta. Captain "KD" specializes in topwater Largemouth Bass. You could see him in the DVD, Bass: The Movie.

    You could read about it in my blog here.


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    Default Re: The Best of 2009

    April 7, 2009 I was fishing for stocked trout with a couple friends. Much to
    my surprise.......

    Caught the sucker on a 9' 5wt, and a #10 wooly bugger. Wasn't expecting
    that !

    Catching a couple nice trout on the first trip out with my first bamboo rod
    was pretty sweet as well:

    That was a great day!

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    Default Re: The Best of 2009

    I caught some nice fish in the river this year, and the river is still my favorite place to fish, however, the banner day of the year was going out with my buddy accross the street up to Lake Davis and finally learning how to fish the flat water - 30+ fish in about 3 hours - What a day.


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    You know guys to be honest , the best of 2009 for me has been everytime I went out... I bought my first fly rod and reel this year in July Sage Flight 9' 5wt and a sage 1650 reel...

    I only got skunked only a couple times , mainly because I kept to rivers that I grew up fishing ( never had fly fished them before ) but I had been on them so many times I knew where to go and where the fish liked to hang out. I really tried to stick to the rivers I knew , mainly for the confidence and to not get discouraged. The couple times I got skunked were on 3 rivers I had never fished before and then 1 lake I have never had much success on but its considered to be one of the top lakes in oregon for producing big fish.
    So in short I think I learned something everytime I went out.

    This year didnt produce any lunkers , just lots and lots of 12 - 15" ers. I limited out a few times.. the big one was 15"

    So between the local fly shop and all you guys on here my first Fly Dishing year , I would say has been an absolute success.

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    14 Days in Alaska, fishing Pink Salmon on Resurrection Creek, Red Salmon on the Kenai, Rainbows, Dollies, and Grayling on Quartz Creek, The Russian River and Peters Creek. Grizzlies, Moose, Black Bear, fishing, hiking, camping and white water rafting with a heck of a good group of guys. Will be a tough trip to top..............if you didn't see it when I posted it.


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    Default Re: The Best of 2009

    I had a pretty good year as far as fishing goes. I decided to go after the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame catch and release fly rod records for Walleye. I got five of them this year. The fish that qualifies for my best fish of the year is not just because it's really big, but because I caught it twice. I got it on Oct 5th breaking the 16 lb tippet record. I got it again on Oct. 20th breaking the 20 lb tippet record. This river is 90 miles long or so, several hundred yards wide and dumps into a million acre lake that goes from Minnesota into Ontario and Manitoba. It's not like I got it out of some city park pond. This fish had some room to swim around.

    Notice the markings in the tail.

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    Default Re: The Best of 2009

    It's hard to have one best day...St. Patrick's Day on Elk Creek was awesome; and shirt sleeve weather to boot...Smallmouth on my favorite river...July when I got my first Carp on a fly; not by accident, actually fishing to them. Any day I can be fishing is my best day...


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