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    Whats the best Fly fishing DVD out there for a newbe ? Haven't done this in about 40 or so years and wasn"t any good thenare maybe a good book on flyfishing ?/

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    There are a lot of DVD's out there, but until someone answers you with a title have a poke around on YouTube, there is lots there albeit some of it is not really good, but there is lots that are very good. Sounds like a "Welcome back to our addiction" is in order.
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    I don't know about being the best but I really liked: Fly Fishing Tips by the Traveling Fly Fisherman by Jack Dennis, Gary LaFontaine and Mike Lawson. It is a two DVD set and is packed with valuable tips.


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    The Basic Flyfishing by Doug Swisher was pretty good; don't know if it's still available though.


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    I don't think any DVD can beat the internet itself. There is just so much info available vs. often times limited or outdated info on any one DVD. Meanwhile....Google Basic Fly Fishing Tips - or How to get started in FlyFishing - and you get tons of info - including direction to youtube and other videos - that could never be packed into any set of DVDs. You can also tailor your trout fishing your regional area. This site is also a great example. Have a question about how to perform some technique, etc ? Just post it and you get alot of responses. However - having said that - one of my favorite DVD's is "Succesful Flyfishing Strategies with Gary LaFontaine & Dick Sharon".....I initially watched this for educational reasons - but I still like to watch it now and again for the great comedy/camraderie these 2 guys shared. Mr. Lafontaine passed a few years ago - but he is a legend in the field of flyfishing.

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    Hey Thanks guys , Will look at all that,have been doing some of the google stuff and does have alot of infor. will check out the other


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