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    Hey Stick... Welcome to the forum

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    I have caught plenty of halibut at Goleta beach.
    Try wading out as far as you can before you start fishing and concentrate on the area about half way between the pier and the steps below the cliffs at UCSB. Hang on to your rod. 20+ pound halibut are there.

    The Santa Ynez is interesting because mixed in with the stocker trout are an occasional big boy coming up river out of Cachuma to spawn. So you think you are casting for the 10" tank raised trout chow chompers and suddenly the head of 3 or 4 pound trout pokes out, looks at you and laughs before taking your fly, tippet and pride.

    Have you ever fished the lake at the Alisal Guest Ranch? I understand it is fabulous but haven't ever put up the cash to try it.

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    Fished the Alisol several years ago. Daughters boyfriend worked there for a bit. Not much size to em, but we caught fish in mass. Bass, no trout.
    The head, the tail, the whole damn thing

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