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    Smile Rainbow Fishing In Winter?

    I've been fishing this little creek by my house for probably about 10 years. They stock it every April but I've never fished past September or so because I've never been able to catch trout in the winter. (until recently, i was a bait fisher =/ )

    So here's my question: Can you catch trout in the winter up here in northern Indiana?

    The trout are stocked at about 11" and it's rare to catch one above 14". I just assumed they died over the winter, but I heard that winter was a great time for them.

    I only fish on days that end in Y.

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    The reality is that trout are resilient little buggers. Some will die, but some will be able to find warmer spots with ample bug life for them to make it through the winter. Just make sure you have smaller "winter" bugs. Look to have some blue wing olive mayflies and some midges in the 18 to 24 size. In many cases, trout can survive off of a steady diet of 24 to 32 size bugs. Don't expect the trout to chase a bug. They aren't going to expend a lot of energy for a meal.

    Good luck. It seems like you have a challenge in front of you.

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    Hi FliFysh,

    Winter fishing can be tricky and especially with planted Trout. If you have a creek that doesn't freeze over some of the Trout should survive. In many cases Trout depart the creeks or streams and Winter in deeper and warmer waters. So if your creek empties into a lake or is feed from a lake I would fish the lake. If you have a spring in your creek then that water will be warmer and provide an area for them to survive in.

    Keep in mind that all Trout and especially planted Trout are highly stressed during the Winter. You should be especially careful about handling and releasing fish. The fish you catch in the dead of Winter are more robust than other plated Trout and you should give them a chance to survive with catch and release. Unless you talk to a local fish Biologist and he tells you all the planters die over the Winter. In that case, no harm in harvesting them.


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