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    being a sophmore of a sort in fly fishing i've ventured off into streams and trying my luck with trout. a couple of the streams i knew most i didn't though. after doing some searching around i found that if i type in the county and state of choice it would come up with a home town locator with the streams. it doesn't give you roads and such on the map but it does give you some coordinates for gps. give it a try it might just suprise you with what you find out.

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    did some more playing around with this. a easier way to do it is to go to from there you can do a city or county search by state. after you do your search near the top of the page it will have the state and county next to it. it will appear like this: City Profiles > Texas Counties > Cities in Galveston > Galveston, Texas TX Community Profile click on the counties link. from there it will give you a list of counties. find your county for this i'll use galveston county. click on features and you'll get a page as follows: Galveston County, Texas Physical & Cultural Features
    Also See: Community Profiles of Galveston County, TX Cities & Towns

    airport (25)
    area (3)
    bar (3)
    basin (1)
    bay (25)
    beach (10)
    building (9)
    canal (6)
    cape (21)
    cemetery (21)
    channel (9)
    church (107)
    civil (3)
    dam (3)
    gap (2)
    gut (16)
    hospital (9)
    island (14)
    lake (16)
    locale (45)
    oilfield (7)
    park (49)
    populated place (42)
    reservoir (2)
    ridge (1)
    school (52)
    stream (18)
    tower (8)
    valley (1)
    woods (2)

    the streams for galveston county come up as follows:

    Galveston County, Texas Streams
    Also See: Community Profiles of Galveston County, Texas Cities & Towns

    Displaying 1 to 18 of 18 records
    Primary Data Source: U.S. Geological Survey Map Types*: Aerial Photo, Regional, Local, & Topological.
    Name Local Area Lat Long Elev.(ft.) Maps*
    Basford Bayou Virginia Point 29.30 -94.95 0 A, R, L, T
    Beacon Bayou Flake 29.40 -94.72 0 A, R, L, T
    Benson Bayou Dickinson 29.46 -95.06 0 A, R, L, T
    Carancahua Bayou Sea Isle 29.24 -95.01 0 A, R, L, T
    Cedar Creek Algoa 29.43 -95.13 0 A, R, L, T
    Chigger Creek Friendswood 29.50 -95.17 0 A, R, L, T
    Dickinson Bayou Texas City 29.47 -94.95 0 A, R, L, T
    Factory Bayou Texas City 29.48 -94.93 0 A, R, L, T
    Highland Bayou Virginia Point 29.31 -94.94 0 A, R, L, T
    Jarbo Bayou League City 29.54 -95.03 0 A, R, L, T
    Johnson Bayou Flake 29.42 -94.70 0 A, R, L, T
    Magnolia Creek Algoa 29.50 -95.16 0 A, R, L, T
    Marchand Bayou Hitchcock 29.35 -95.00 0 A, R, L, T
    Moses Bayou Texas City 29.42 -94.95 0 A, R, L, T
    Musquiz Creek Hovey NE 30.64 -103.33 0 A, R, L, T
    Robinson Bayou League City 29.53 -95.08 0 A, R, L, T
    Willow Bayou Hitchcock 29.26 -95.09 0 A, R, L, T
    Windmill Bayou Texas City 29.42 -94.90 0 A, R, L, T
    Page 1

    hope this makes more sense now. and helps someone out.

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