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Thread: Rod for Colorado backpack trip

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    I plan on a "altitude trip" back packing this summer fishing trout in streams on the way up and lakes around the tree line. Lightest weight I have is a 5 wt. and was thinking a 8 ft. 3 wt. (4 piece) would fit the bill better. Anyone here have thought on an economical 3 wt. (or should I go 4 wt.) rod and reel for a once a year trip in the Rockies?

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    I'd stick with the 5wt and wouldn't go any lighter than a 4wt. There are some big fish in some of those lakes. The wind always blows at altitude and you will want a rod with enough backbone to get your flies out. If you are fishing dries, the wind pushes the surface bugs to one side of the lake that is where the fish will be and that is where you will be casting into the wind.

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    Yeah, it's kind of a tough proposition. Some of the small streams you will encounter along the way will probably be best served with a lighter weight. When you get to those lakes though, that light weight could get you in trouble.

    Like yatahey said, anything less than a 4 wt. in those lakes is going to be tough going.

    If it were me, I would take a 4.

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    Depending on your rod, you could take a 3 wt line and a 5 wt line. Use the 3 wt line in the streams and the 5wt at the lakes. The 3wt line will cause the rod to have a faster action(not as much mass to move = not as much flex), so I would practice with it before the trip so that you are familiar with how the rod will handle with both lines.

    Or, if you are subconsciously looking for justification to buy another rod, then I would say you need at least another 3 rods.
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    Redington makes a nice little 7'6" 3 weight in their CT series that would be a good fit for ya. I have 1 and love it. Plenty of backbone for a 3 wt.
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    I cant say which rod you should or should not take. However, I would recommend the Redington CT. They make a three and five weight in a six piece rod. Typically I dont like a rod with more than four pieces but while casting the three weight I was thoroughly impressed by he way the rod handled. I could never tell there that many pieces. The rod tube is only like 18" long which makes for a perfect pack rod. I think the price is around $160.

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