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    Default Finally edited Dolphin video

    Merry Christmas from windy Florida,

    I finally got around to editing most of the garbage out of a video a good buddy of mine from Islamorada, Capt. Applegate, and I took this summer. He wanted to get a video of a Dolphin on a fly, and I wanted to initiate a brand new 8 wt rod.

    It was a lot of fun but got kind of crazy passing the camera back and forth since he had a fish on spinning gear while I was hooked up. We don't use teasers for dolphin, but catch one instead and the fly guy hopes for followers.

    We were trolling a planer setup down about 30 feet on an electric, deep-drop rig, and two surface rigs on spinning rods. We got lucky and were able to get the planer and other surface rig in the boat before hooking up on either of them. So there were rods everywhere.

    We weren't able to get the cast to the fish because they were so close together. Apple needed to do some hands on work to get his away from the follower to give me a decent shot without worrying so much about tangled up fish.

    Once I got hooked up the camera passing started. Apple did a great job - especially since he had never even taken a video before, and hardly ever takes pictures.

    Anyhow - here are links to the video if anyone is interested on a cold windy day. Fast connections are necessary.

    The first below is 20 MB. Apple...hin on Fly.wmv

    The one below is 40 MB Apple... a Fly 768.wmv

    Merry X-Mas to all and may the New Year bring more fishing and less working.


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    Default Re: Finally edited Dolphin video

    Great video! Fighting dolphin is no easy feat - especially with an 8 weight! There was a scary moment when the fish sounded, and you were pulling the fish up. It looked like at that point that the rod would have blown. Gotta hand it to Jerry Siem and the boys at Sage for making a great rod. By the way, I have that same rod, too.

    Merry Christmas,

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