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  1. Default Ross new Reel and rod your opnion

    Okay I have the opportunity to get the new Ross f1 reel and there new rx rod series for a pretty decent price. The reason I bring it up at all is there is very little information about it on the web or forums. Just wondering if anyone has had the chance to handle them.

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    Default Re: Ross new Reel and rod your opnion

    I cannot comment on the Rx rod.

    I have a few F1 reels at the shop. The machining is beautiful. Like Hatch reels, the foot is an integrated part of the frame. It isn't screwed on. The dimensions are on par with most modern reels. The F1 has a wide range for the drag. I spun off some line from the rep's reel. It did not birds nest, so it starts smoothly. This is truely a premium reel that can rival others.


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    Default Re: Ross new Reel and rod your opnion

    The current issue of Fly rod & reel magazine has a review of a the Ross RX rod, paired with an Evolution LT reel. They had nothing but good things to say about the rod.

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    Default Re: Ross new Reel and rod your opnion

    ross is a great company, both should be fine.


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    Default Re: Ross new Reel and rod your opnion

    If the RX is the gold colored blank I think everyone will like it; very light feeling in the hand...


  6. Default Re: Ross new Reel and rod your opnion

    Awesome thats great to hear. I like that the reels are made in colorado and they are a colorado based company. I have really never heard anything all that negative about that company but was just double checking. I have been fly fishing for about 2 years and this will be my first good setup. Thanks for your quick responses.

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    Default Re: Ross new Reel and rod your opnion

    The Ross rods are awesome all thorough the line up. The one your speaking of is in fact gold in color almost like a sage launch. Its a super rod with a lot of backbone. Its pretty fast, but not telephone pole fast...just powerful. It feels very similar to the Legend Elite from St. Croix in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Ross new Reel and rod your opnion

    The Ross reel is Colorado based and my Cimmeron served me well for 15 yearss, although I try not support Chinese companies, Ross Worldwide - the rod division is not made in USA, but a good product from what I have read and heard.

  9. Default Re: Ross new Reel and rod your opnion

    I know this thread is older but I thought I'd add my two cents and possibly help anyone else who is thinking about buying a Ross RX rod.

    Last spring (2012) Cabelas ran a deal on them and a friend and I each picked up a 4wt thinking it was a good buy for the price. I used mine all summer and really liked the feel of it. I thought the fit and finish and quality were lacking though. At the end of the summer I had a guide break so I sent it in for a warranty claim. My friend had his break on a fish in the mid section this spring and he sent his in as well. Ross sent us new rods promptly. First time using my new replacement rod, in fact first fish I hooked (about 13-14 inches), the thing snapped in the mid section. Unacceptable.

    It appears that their quality has really taken a dive as a result of them outsourcing the rod manufacturing to China. Their reels are pretty good but I would never recommend buying a rod from them as long as they're made in China.

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