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  1. Default Predictive River Level Gages

    If you fish where you have to watch water levels to keep from going on a long drive only to stare at chocolate brown, blown out conditions, you should bookmark the National Weather Service page where they predict future river levels.

    They have this info for a lot of different rivers.

    Here is their home page

    Here is a link to an example for the Rappahannock river. They do not update these in real time - so some rivers may just show the current stage without the future, but everything gets updated often enough to be useful.

    Here is a master page for the MD/VA area. Click on each gage to see the prediction.

    Here's what the website will show - this is the view that shows the next few days. They have other views for the entire period.

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    That's a great resource. I couldn't find a predictive forecast on our area weather service site.
    But, we do have this nice updated stream flow site put out by the Water District. Flows in our tailwaters are constantly being changed with demand and without notice so even with these charts sometimes you're in for unexpected changes. It would be nice to know when they plan on letting more or less water out of the reservoirs.

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    Yes - they do not make it easy to find stuff.

    Try this link that shows the entire US and then click randomly close to the rivers you are interested in. It should bring up a regional page.

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    Default Re: Predictive River Level Gages

    Steve: Thanks for posting that link, that should prove to be useful next summer.


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