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  1. Default Homemade roof top rod holder

    I am new to the forum so excuse me if I'm not in the correct location. a while back someone poste on the web a homemade PVC Rod holder that was on a rack or sticking up out of the bed of a pickup. I don't know where I saw it at. Has anyone seen what I'm talking about? I like to build my own stuff and I would like to find the plans for this. I have some ideas in my head, but thee is no sense in re-inventing the wheel.

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    Default Re: Homemade roof top rod holder

    Welcome to the forum. Crittergetter made a home made rod holder, take a look at this thread:
    Poor Boy Rod Holder


  3. Default Re: Homemade roof top rod holder

    Thanks Larry. I did look at that and it's a great idea! It's just not what I'm quite looking for. I'm not real sure that if your heading down the road 65mph and you had to slam on the breaks, or ya hit a deer (we have lots of them), that the magnets would hold up and keep it attached. The one I saw, was last year, had two PVC pipe, I believe 10' long, attached to a couple of boards with U bolts and notches cut in them for the reel to slide past the end so they can bet tethered in. I have a pretty good idea how it was done and I might just have to go off my memory. It would be nice to see it one more time before I start the build.

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    Default Re: Homemade roof top rod holder

    If you want to try to reengineer your own, check out the Titan Rod Vault.


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    I'm cheap I have a rod a reel that ae worth a lot more then I could afford to spend and I wouldn't have that setup if my daughters boyfriend would not have given it to me as a gift. $400.00 for a rod holder seem a bit expensive. Besides, you almost need a rack on the top for that to work. I have an 8' box. I want something there so the rod doesnt get broken or steped on by the dog. Just for protection.

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    I bought one of these and think they're great for pickups. It's a really simple design and works for me so far. I don't use it for driving on major interstates, but have had no issue on roads up to 55mph.

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    Default Re: Homemade roof top rod holder

    I use this, $7.00;
    Berkley HR4 4 Place Hor. Rod Rack Black

    I have a dog and this works in boxes or vans.
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