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  1. Default Why do you fly fish?

    Hi there,

    As you may have already seen on this forum, a post by me asking about watercraft for fly fishing. Thanks to all the people that replied, it was all real good feedback.

    But for those that haven't, my name is Gordon Robinson and I am a student at Massey University. I am conducting a design/research assignment for my final year project for Bachelor of Design (Honours)(Industrial Design)

    The project I am running is looking to explore the possible opportunities and innovation in the design of watercraft available for fly fishing, while investigating the experience discovered within the sport, and the performance issues found through research and investigation.

    I invite you to participate in my research process and if you have any questions, to PM me on this forum.

    This time there is only a couple of questions that I'd like to put forward, although it might be a bit harder than the other ones;

    Why do you go fishing? or what motivates you to go fishing? What keeps you fishing after an unsuccessful run?



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    Default Re: Why do you fly fish?

    I'm too chicken to go noodling for fish.
    I'm too old and beat up to wrestle alligators.
    Stink bait, well.....stinks!
    I'm too slow to catch fish by hand.
    I like to aggravate myself when the wind is blowing.
    Gill netting is illegal in Wyoming.
    Most of the water around here is too shallow to go spearfishing.
    My wife and kids won't do it for me.

    I keep going to get away from the wife and kids.

    The End!

    (hope this helps)

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    Default Re: Why do you fly fish?

    Because it's fun.

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    Default Re: Why do you fly fish?

    I like to stand in the water while wearing rubber pants and a funny hat
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Why do you fly fish?

    i do it for the chicks and the loads of cash.... one of them came true, i met my wife, with something that had to do with fishing.... now im waiting on the truck full of money

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    Default Re: Why do you fly fish?

    Because mastering quantum physics and unified field theory wasn't enough of a challenge....

    Seriously, though, it's the totality of it that brings peace.
    I fish, therefore, I drink...

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    Default Re: Why do you fly fish?

    Because my time isn't taken up by the goddesses and crack like Charlie Sheen's is. Winning!

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    Default Re: Why do you fly fish?

    Tough crowd, eh, Gordon? As someone once said, "I fish, therefore I am.

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    Default Re: Why do you fly fish?

    I always need to maintain some sort of hobby or I start to get a little stir-crazy. With fishing, specifically, I enjoy the challenge and sort of "playing the odds". I kind of think of it as a healthy form of gambling, yet you can increase your chances by doing a little reading or simply by gaining experience. I've always sort of waffled between different hobbies, but I seem to stick with some form of fishing at all times. I live close to several steelhead streams with a lot of competition from gear anglers, so I often switch between gear and fly rods. I'll probably stop if I ever gain true confidence fishing a fly rod for steelhead, but at the end of the day I know putting a fish on the bank will keep me excited about fishing and getting out again as soon as possible. I fish with for trout exclusively with a fly rod, but it can be a bit of a drive to get to a good trout stream.

    I think the learning is part of the motivation. You learn something new and you're eager to try it out, or you have a bit of a revelation after a day of fishing and you want to get out there again and prove (or disprove) your theory. Also, the anticipation of one of those really great days of fishing is a good motivator. It seems like those days can come at pretty much any time, and if they do, it makes all the effort and preparation worthwhile. Seeing your catch rate increase over time because of all this is one of those truly great feelings, when you see it happening.

    And getting skunked is never the fishermans fault. It's always about the poor conditions or tight lipped fish. I usually have some semi-serious excuse ready whenever I don't bring home a fish ("Too early in the run." or, my personal favorite, "Should have been here yesterday!"). Though, several fishless trips in a row tends to leave me unmotivated, and it's not entirely uncommon when targeting steelhead. It sometimes even causes me to lose interest for a few weeks, or even a couple months. I know people that are unflagging and will go two months without touching a fish and still be eager to get out ASAP, but at that point I am ready to take a break and wait for the next run or season to start.

    I also like to look at a skunked trip as a chance to visit a new stream and learn a new area for future reference. Fishing with a fly rod, too, always makes it a little easier to bear when you don't catch anything. There is always room for improvement in technique, and casting a fly line is much more fun than casting a gear rod.

    Sorry for the novel, but I hope this answers your questions.

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    Default Re: Why do you fly fish?

    Gordon, I can say truthfully, that originally it was all about catching fish, and me..
    Just as truthfully, I can say it's not anymore.
    Fishing can be a path to growth, and an understanding of the world.
    Not the world of humans, as if that could be separated somehow.
    But the whole world, not just the incredibly small part we try to control..
    Fishing is a way to become immersed in life, to value it, and to learn in a much smaller sense, the value of our own.

    Keeps me out of trouble too.
    I hope that floats your boat....

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