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Thread: wadeing boots

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    Default wadeing boots

    i am looking for a pair of wadeing boots but cant decide on what type would be best cleated or felt i know some of the pros and cons for each i am leaning towards the cleated but still unsure in which would be best so any advise would be great

    many thanks


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    Default Re: wadeing boots

    I'm not sure if 'pros and cons of each' (in your post), is a cryptic nod towards TU's felt sole ban by 2011 or not.

    By you saying I know the pros and cons of each, but not touching on those pros and cons, we don't know how much you know. I apologize if you are aware, and have weighed Trout Unltd.'s 'no felts by 2011' --- but it needs to be mentioned.

    after looking ar Simms website, I noticed that they have no felt offerings for 2010.

    I'd hate for you to buy felt, and then not be able to use them for more than one season.

    Short of this caveat, I'd say find a pair that fits comfortably over you stocking foots. --Most guys use felt and few are going to be able to give solid reviews on anything otherwise.

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    Default Re: wadeing boots

    Since felt is history (rightfully so), the question is studs or no studs. I vote yes, it's better than doing an impression of a pig on ice. I lost a boot this week (A first for everything). Forced me to break out a new pair (Simms Freestone). I couldn't hardly stand up with my old ones, studs and sole worn off. It made my clients feel better since most stagger like drunks. We have rock snot and other aquatic growths. They came from elsewhere, so I'm big on the change over. Once introduced they are permanent. The only drawback to studs is one needs to stalk more slowly so the noise we make isn't continuous.
    My suggestion for new boots, aqua seal all exposed threads with a thin covering of protection. Boots will last for many years if the thread isn't compromised.
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    Default Re: wadeing boots

    I recently got a pair of Simms Rivershed Streamtread boots. Hopefully I am going to try them out in Cherokee, NC this Friday for the first time. I am really looking forward to seeing the difference in feel from the felt soles that I have always fished.

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    Default Re: wadeing boots

    I wouldn't shy away from felt solely because they're going out of fashion. I agree that moving away from felt is the right thing to do, but its going to be a while before they're banned.

    When it comes to boots, I am wholeheartedly pro-stud. (unless you're going to be spending time in a boat) I own and fish in both, and GREATLY enjoy the improved traction when I'm wearing the studded ones.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: wadeing boots

    I have the same boots as ksigtuck. I finally put 6 of the Simms screw in carbide screw in each boot. The snot rocks were a bit too much. (felt wouldn't have been any better either.) I like the large toe box, they're lighter than felt. Easier to walk on snow (no snow build up like with felt).
    There's some new screw in's out now. Simms HardBite Star Cleats.
    Seems a little pricy at $40 for 18 of them. They go in the new style vibram soles. But it's cheaper than the Emergency Room bill you'll get for breaking a bone.
    Simms HardBite Star Cleat Studs
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    Default Re: wadeing boots

    Quote Originally Posted by wilky View Post
    i am looking for a pair of wadeing boots but cant decide on what type would be best cleated or felt i know some of the pros and cons for each i am leaning towards the cleated but still unsure in which would be best so any advise would be great
    Why not get both in one boot? Korkers have interchangeable soles - and a wide variety of those, many studded - so you can wear rubber cleats when suitable (like trail-hiking) and then change the soles out for felt, Aquasteath or Sticky Rubber, with or without carbide studs. And they're priced competitively. To my mind, they're the only way to go.
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    Default Re: wadeing boots

    I'm with big cliff on this: don't avoid felt soely because of the ban, it's going to be a while. Felt works really well in most cases and they're the most affordable. I'll be glad to switch when the time comes and the rubber soles won't be so expensive.
    In the meantime, here's an alternative:

    Those old screws are at least 6 years old. They came right out with a nut driver.

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    Default Re: wadeing boots

    Cleated they work really well and are the upcoming thing.

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    Default Re: wadeing boots

    I have both types, vibrams and felt. Felt with studs have served me well for winter fishing. The main drawback is the snow build up when walking; I go from 6' to 6'6" after a short walk with wet soles...I don't have that problem with the vibram soles.

    If you're only fishing one stream, go with the felts; you don't need to worry about introducing exotics. If you do travel and fish many streams throughout the country, by all means buy some vibram soled boots. To stud or not to stud is up to you...

    My $0.02 worth...


    JoJoer, good tip on the sheetmetal screws...

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