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  1. Default We Finally Found it!

    [img2="left"][/img2]We Finally Found It!!!

    We've all been there... at least once in our life. And we didn't have a paddle. We can all rest at ease now. SCPS has come to our rescue. We shall nevermore be up there without a paddle.

    If you ever find you self up there again, and if you have reception, flip and dial 1-UPS-HIT-CREEK. I understand they'll deliver for a nominal fee. I'm sure their website will be up soon at www.up****

    Life is grand... I love this country!!!
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  2. Default Re: We Finally Found it!

    I wonder if their paddles float?

  3. Default Re: We Finally Found it!

    Ive been shopping there for yrs.

  4. Default Re: We Finally Found it!

    Yes... this is Curtis Sledge's amd Mike Hammer's favorite hang-out. Anyway... I wonder what ol' Mike and Curtis are up to these days...

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