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Thread: Help keeping composure

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    Default Help keeping composure

    For some reason I can cast like a champion (good enough) in my backyard where there is trees to dodge, bushes, fences, and the occasional roan dog. But when I get out on that river it's like I forget to look for trees and catch them everytime. How do I prevent this it usually happens when I haven't gone fly fishing for a while but I just can't keep my composure.


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    Your TO focused on the FISH and NOT the whole fishing experiance, try to take a look around before you even start fishing and every so often take a look at your back cast, it will not only reminde you whats behind, but how your back cast is looking.

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    Default Re: Help keeping composure

    check your position before you cast.

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    Default Re: Help keeping composure

    Go more frequently? Sorry, I know it is a pain when it happens, it is all about focus. Relax take note of your surroundings and just keep fishing.
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    Try to find a spot with less obstacles, at least until you're back into the swing of tlhings. And if your getting flustered at a spot, just move.

    I was out last week and was casting fine for a while. Apperently I didn't notice a sapling shoulder high behind me, and got tangled up in it three times in a row. Was a bit frustrated by then and moved upstream about 20 yards and it was just enough to get me back in stride.

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    k Thanks everyone!

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    I got the book "Wisdom of the Guides" for Christmas, and one thing that stuck out when reading through there was several guides said not enough fisherman observe the stream prior to stepping into it. I know that's the case with me. One guide suggested 10 minutes of studying the stream and banks. I think as part of that observation is understanding obstacles to casting, where a back cast will work or a roll cast might be necessary, where to stand and direction to cast. I haven't had a chance to apply this advice myself, but it makes a lot of sense.

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    I observe the bugs before I get in and look at the brush a little I'll loook a little bit longer next time.

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    Default Re: Help keeping composure

    I agree with some of the others; spend more time watching your backcast.

    If you're used to standing square toward your target; which makes it difficult to watch your backcast, then try standing 3/4 toward the target (both feet angled approx. 45 degrees toward the target). This will open up your stance and will make is easier for you to watch your backcast. I fish in a 3/4 stance all the time and I spend most of my time watching my backcast. In my experience, if the backcast is set up right, then about 99% of the time, the front cast will be just fine.

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    Default Re: Help keeping composure

    When you fish year-round it is a little easier to just stand and look. I understand now that momentum is our undoing most of the time. When I first started I had "over there" syndrome, Long casts and difficult drifts. Now I stalk like heron, and can sit for an hour watching a fish feed, then fish a rod lengh away. Fish live in the moment, and when we slow down, we can adjust to their reality with ease. As a FFisherman, if you decide before you leave home, or the car, how it's going to go, you really miss out. I don't rig up untill I've walked to the water and looked around. Local birds often clue me in on whats working too.
    A good roll cast is a huge advantage, fishing dries or a bobber. Fewer bushes or tangles involved. K, I commend you for practicing your cast. When fish are rising it is no time for practice!

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