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    Default Shooting Heads and Multi Tips

    Can someone provide me with a quick primer on the differences between shooting heads and multi tip lines like Rio's Versitip? What are the advantages and/or disadvantages? Are they advisable/usable/practical in any line weights below a 6 wt? What recommendations would you have for a multi tip system? RIO, SA or Orvis?

    I like the idea of being able to fish different depths with just one line and one reel/spool and have been thinking about getting one of the multi tip or shooting head systems, but want to make sure I understand the differences, etc... before pulling the trigger.

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    Default Re: Shooting Heads and Multi Tips

    A shooting head system generally casts further, but lacks the mending capabilities of a normal line. A multi-tip set-up will cast more like a normal line, because that's generally what they are until you get to the outer 20'. That fact also means that you'll generally be able to achieve greater depth with a shooting head set-up, because you've got 24-30' of sinking line instead of only 15-20'.

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    Default Re: Shooting Heads and Multi Tips

    I am setting up a reel with shooting line for the first time. My friend/guru sent me these links to help out. I just ordered Sunset Amnesia for running line and Cortland LC-13 to build the heads - Amazon had the best prices I could find. Good luck to you. . . and good luck to me!

    Fly Fishing Gear, Shooting Heads - MidCurrent

    Constructing High Desity Shooting Heads

    Hatches Magazine - Shooting Heads

    Dan Blanton Fly Casting Lessons

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    Default Re: Shooting Heads and Multi Tips

    i was at the fly shop in Corvallis, OR. the owner told me after my running line put on 4-6 ft of 30lb mono. this creates a sinktip head that help turn over flies. then he puts on a poly leader 2-3 ft depending how fast you want to get down. then the leader 3ft long. those poly leaders are design for even sink so they do taper, they get down at the same rate. this is what he recommended. says those poly leaders are the same thing as the coils. He also said you can make 3 tips with the poly leader vs the ten with the coil. but it much easier to deal with the poly leader. i know those different tips run alot so here is a cheaper solution

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