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Poll: How many people do you prefer to fish with...?

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    Default How many people do you prefer

    So I was thinking about this on Tuesday while at the confidence building pond(spring steelies have been at war with my success rate), I usually tend to fish alone... Most of my outings tend to be by myself and I think I prefer that over fishing with partners or groups of people. While I enjoy the company of others while on the water, I have noticed it's more peaceful and consuming on the lonesome.

    So my question is how many people do you all like to hit the water with and why?

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    Sorry about the poll answers being strange,I'm in a goofy mood after reading release your trout gently

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    Default Re: How many people do you prefer

    For the most part I like to fish with my brothers an father.
    So any were from my self alone to me an 3 others.

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    Default Re: How many people do you prefer

    I had a fishing buddy for 24 years but we seldom were close enough to speak other than at lunch time and when back at the truck so.................. Usually it's me and my dog and he is the strong silent type.

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    Default Re: How many people do you prefer

    I'd say one other person on a regular bases would be perfect, but occassionally a big group well spread out on a good size body of water would be fun to gather together for lunch and perhaps in the evening for dinner, drinks, and fish stories around a camp fire. However when fishing I'm normally all business and am picky about stream etiquette when on the water.
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: How many people do you prefer

    I prefer to fish alone and rarely fish with anyone. I prefer solo for several reasons:

    1. I can leave when I want or I can go to another stream if I want.

    2. I can fish as fast or slow as I want.

    3. I am very selfish and I like to have the whole stream to myself and can catch twice as many fish. In Southern Appalachia, our streams are small, you pretty much have to take turns if fishing with a partner. You fish a run or two, then I'll fish a run or two.

    4. Also, except for a very few close fishing buddies I have, I ain't taking anyone to any of "my" streams.

    I will say that sometimes fishing with a partner is good and sometimes they can help you with your casting, presentation, etc. They can see what you need to improve upon better than you can yourself.
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    Default Re: How many people do you prefer

    I'll fish with anyone willing to go... I enjoy fishing with another person/people, but most of the time I fish alone cause I often go on the spur of the moment... Big groups can be a great time, but those trips take extra organisation and are more time consuming and so they happen less frequently... so I'll take em when they come but I like fishing too much to not go unless I have someone to go with... hmmm, looking back on my answer I think I could easily have gone with all the options... I just like fishing, regardless of company...

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    Default Re: How many people do you prefer

    Well I fish from a drift boat mainly so my choice is 2-3!!
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

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    Default Re: How many people do you prefer

    I often fish alone, so I really enjoy it when I can get out with a good friend or two. Sometimes the camaraderie is half the fun. Plus, I make the guy who caught the biggest fish buy the first round.

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    Default Re: How many people do you prefer

    I don't know anyone that fly fishes so I go it alone.

    Booger Eater Dave
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    Default Re: How many people do you prefer

    One other, just need a witness and a photographer.

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