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  1. Red face Bugs

    Question – I just opened an aluminum fly box with trout flies that I purchased a year ago. It does have vent holes. Five out of fifteen spring compartments had what looked like “dust or micro size particles” and small pieces of hackle fibers from the flies. Some flies had no tails and one “parachute” was half gone in one compartment. It appears that some sort of “bug” ate the flies. I did find one dead “ bug” curled up like a “scud” about 1/16” long. No joke.
    Does anyone have an explanation? What can be used to prevent this from happening again? Will moth ball “dust” work?

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    No explanation-- other than from what you described-- sounds like a bug ate some of your bugs....

    As to how to solve the prob-- I would be hesitant to use any 'chemical' for a number of reasons-- the most obvious-- health concerns in your house-- I doubt a one time chemical application will be sufficient-- probably would need multiple applications.

    Also, residual chemical on the box or flies that can come into contact with your waters.... don't know how big of a threat this is, but I wouldn't want to be the guy that introduced a chemical to the habitat.....

    Better solutions-- ($1.00)- pack fly box in seal-able bag? (a bit more $$$ up to 40 or 50.00, possibly)-New fly box?

    where was the box stored? could you store it in a safer place?

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    Did you save the bug? Where do you live? Can you post a picture of the culprit?

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    Thanks guys. I feel the bugs came with the flies and the new box. I live in Phx, AZ and the box was in my vest in my family room with my deer and quail mounts. Two Quail mounts out of five were eaten dead after 15 years by “bugs” so I put moth balls in the cases and had no more problems. I also put moth ball “crystals” in the ears of the deer mounts periodically and have no problems with them. Got the idea from a taxidermist, he said “might work”?
    Yes, chemicals in the habitat are a no no especially in a trout stream, so a Ziploc bag sounds good. I’ll try it and see what happens. Hope there are no more bugs in the box, can’t see any. I’ll monitor the action.
    I blew the micro “bug” away when I blew out the “dust” in the box so no pics. Taxidermists have a name for them, but I don’t remember it.

    I see there is a Pocono guy in the field. How is the Pohopoco stream these days, grew up fishing it in the 50’s, grand parents had a farm in Effort, Pa right on the start of it?

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    You see Pocono out in your field? Get him outta there, quick--- that guy is trouble......

    (sorry Poc, couldn't let the opportunity pass....)

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    sounds like carpet beele larva, put the box and flies in a zip lock and add a moth ball for a few weeks
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