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Thread: Why?????????

  1. Default Why?????????

    OK heres the deal, I live in a place that can be sunny and 60 a couple days then cloudy and 40 a couple days, just kinda back and forth all damn winter.
    I have tomorrow off from the fly shop and its suppose to be 40's clouds and wind, and if I wait a few days it may well be nicer, BUT I am more then likely getting up in the morning, gearing up and driveing an hour north to catch a few damn fish. It will be in the 20's when I start, so anyway my ? is WHY do we do it, I know I'm not the only one to endure cold fingers and stuff like that to catch a DAMN FISH. lol

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    Hi my name is Dave and I am addicted to fishing......

    Have fun out there
    Dave Watts

    To me, the journey of learning is almost more fun than arriving at the destination of knowing.

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    I think we do it because we like fish more than people. I fish all winter in an area where must people dont even think about it in Dec, Jan and Feb. It keeps me sane if it is frozen over i still go and atleast take a walk. I just love being near the water, doesnt mater if it warmwater, coldwater, saltwater or frozen over. I went yesterday and caught a few little white perch but the veiw was spectacular lots of snow geese, swans, ducks by the hundreds, and i even saw a bald eagle not a bad way to spend a day in the middle of winter.
    I don't always fly fish but when I do I prefer salt water. Stay salty my freinds

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    Default Re: Why?????????

    I don't know, but I think I enjoy fishing more when it's cooler. I can dress in
    layers and stay warm, but hot and humid can't be helped with clothing.
    Besides, I feel dedicated when fishing on cold days.

    P.S. I caught that largemouth seen in my avatar last April. The high for that day was 40 degrees, and I was
    nearly hypothermic by the time that picture was taken. It was a LONG and cold walk back to the car!

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    Default Re: Why?????????

    I'm not real sure why I do it in such lousy weather. I was just in Duluth a week ago. I fished when it was 22 degrees, which is at least 40 degrees warmer then the previous couple weeks at home.The wind was so bad it made my eyes water. I finally quite when the guides on my rod iced up so bad it was affecting my casts. I fished in water so cold last fall it was freezing along the shore. By the way, I won't see 40 till the end of March or early April. The last 40 I saw was below zero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmwphoto View Post
    Hi my name is Dave and I am addicted to fishing......
    That was the best answer by the way. Good one.

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    WHY??????????, WE LOVE IT. I live in Oklahoma and it has been cold but not so bad we can never fish. The water now is mid to upper 40's. One day it was in the upper 20's, another day in the low 30's and another day it stated out in the 40's but got into the 60's. I've been 3 times this month and am hoping to go maybe sometime this week.

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    I fish when it is cold out, cause I would go bonkers waiting for it to warm up. So I guess I am a Fly Fishing Addict too. I can't sit in front of the tube for much longer then a decent movie, not a big football fan, can't golf in the snow, what else is a guy to do?

    Plus, when it is cold out, you don't have to fight anyone for a spot on the river, it is peaceful, and occassionally the fish show up. I think I mentioned before the first hatch I ever fished was on a cloudy winter day, it warmed up to about 42 or 45 and some baettis started hatching below a riffle, fish rising everywhere - wow what a rush. I am always looking for days like this, a few clouds, no wind, and warming temps following a cold spell.


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    Default Re: Why?????????

    Because if I don't go freeze my tail off, I'll drive my wife insane.....take yesterday...she begged me to go fishing..ok begged is a bit much, but she did say " why don't you go fishing"....and although I was cold, fingers in pain, couldn't feel my feet, I landed 3 over 18" fat Bows......I say fair trade, plus there was only 1 other guy on the river, and I knew him. us die-hards must stick together....
    if I'm not here...I'm on another line...with a fly on the end..

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    Default Re: Why?????????

    I think it's because the fun of fly fishing beats having to deal with the cold. I know that as soon as I've hooked my first fish on a cold day, it's not that cold anymore., there are those days when it's cold and you don't hook any fish at all (those are not my favorite days!).....but they're rare because we all stay out there long enough to catch at least one good fish - right? :

    Go get a few good ones, Bear!


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    Because fishing in the winter can produce some fun techy fishing, can be challenging, gets you off the bench/ couch, and no one else is out.

    From last weekend:

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