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Thread: 3 or 4 weight ?

  1. Unhappy 3 or 4 weight ?

    I have a custom 7.5' 4 weight rod,my problem is it flexes to much and recovers to slow with 4 weight line.Should I try 3 weight line to fix the problem? Thanks,Larry.

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    Before you buy line, do you have a friend with a 3 wt that might let you try there 3wt line? Borrow there reel with 3 wt line is what I'm getting at. Line can be expensive.

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    What blank was it built on? Just because it was called a 4 wt does not mean it really is. Try to find a 3 wt. line like suggested, but if you can't, I have a chart that tells the actual weight of many rods. If it's not on the list we can still figure out what weight rod it really is. Once we know the real properties of the rod we can go from there.

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    It's a 2 piece boron rod made by Pheonix rods in California.

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    I couldn't find any fly rods on their site. How old is the rod. I tried to fish an old boron rod that was built by a guy quite a few years ago and it was a dog. I only tried a 5w line, but still, I really didn't like the swing of the rod. Just didn't feel right.
    I couldn't even compare it to fiberglass.
    On the other hand, if it's that slow, you might be trying to rush it. I don't think that there will be that much difference between a 4w and 3. Try to slow down your casting and let the rod do the work.
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    Thanks for the info Dan the 3 weight line works great,I used Rio Gold it's awesome.

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    It really helps knowing what a rod really is doesn't it. Glad I could help.

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