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    I've been fly fishing now for over a year. I've only been fishing regularly since march (when I finally got my own rod). I've never used a strike indicator, just me, my rod, my line, my fly, and the fish on the end.. Am I missing fish all the time because I don't use one? I seem to catch quite a few fish on most any given day. I suppose when I am drifting my line downstream and my line is slack an indicator would probably be quite useful, but when I'm lake/pond fishing, or fishing down/across the stream my line is usually taut. I don't drift my line down much, but that's because I've never caught a fish that way, but is the reason I've not caught one due to my lack of a line indicator?

    And also, will a piece of bright yarn work just as well as whatever is in that bag of indicators at the fly shop? They look like yarn to me.

    Thanks for your far superior knowledge...

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    Hello Greg... Welcome to the forum

    The answer to your question kinda depends on a few things. You didn't mention if you were using a nymph or a streamer.

    If you're using a streamer, then no, you don't need an indicator. Just cast it out, strip it in, keep the line tight, and you'll feel the strike.

    Now... if you're using a nymph then you may need an indicator. Some folks don't even use indicators for nymphing. They'll only use the end of the fly line floating on top as their indicator. The anglers that have a lot of success with this are usually well seasoned vets at nymphing.

    I personally like using a strike indicator while nymphing. I think I would miss far too many strikes without it... especially in faster moving water. So, I would suggest trying one.

    Yes... you can make your own out a a pc of yarn. Keep it small... as small as you can and it still float and you can still see it. If its too big it might spook the fish. I recommend using green yarn... looks like a leaf. Now, the indicator must float well... so you can put some dry fly floatant on it and should do fine.

    So... you've now been assigned your homework. Try that and get back with us and let us know how it worked.


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    I usually fish either weighted nymphs (wolleys, etc) or small nymphs (prince, hare's ears, sow bugs, etc..) I do usually just watch the end of my fly line or feel for it through my rod. I like the idea of using a green yarn. I don't have any dry fly treatment since I'm a loser and haven't fished with dry flies yet (although I have 2-3 in my box ) so I guess I'll wait a while or try something else.. I'm re-reading my Fly Fishing text book (Orvis Guide to fly fishing) since that class was over a year ago (got to love the required "PE" class @ college, it's shown me my favorite hobby) and hopefully the book will explain a lot about dry flies that I don't know or remember. I've always just been extremely successful with nymphs. I don't think I've even used a streamer yet.. I need to branch out
    thanks for your help

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    Send me your address and we'll see about getting you some floatant. There are no losers on this board... only disadvantaged anglers.


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    pm sent! thanks!

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