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  1. Default Caddis flies for other fish than trout ?

    Good Day to All,

    If you have been doing this wonderful sport for any length of time then you are aware that trout love "Caddis " in many different forms.

    My question for this thread is : Do you use this versatile fly for other varieties of fish ?

    If so, which pattern & which fish do you target with that pattern ?

    Fish Forever,
    Tie One On

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    Default Re: Caddis flies for other fish than trout ?

    I use all sorts of wet caddis patterns for bass and panfish. The flies range in size from 10-14 and most all have different ingredients.

    In general they have a body dubbed with a blend of a sparkly synthetic and either rabbit or squirrel, in colors ranging from yellow tan to black. I will use a few soft hackle fibers for a under wing and then a few antron fibers on top of that for some sparkle. They are all generally finished off with a few wraps of soft hackle, usually either speckled hen or partridge. I'll add a wire rib sometimes, make the abdomen wire sometimes, sometimes use a darker color for the thorax, and sometimes add a tail. (making it not really a caddis pattern.

    I know these instructions are kinda vague and general, but I've gotten to the point in my tying where I know stuff that works and I just kinda build from there, with no set recipe. Come to think of it I cook the same way. Thinking further, I'm usually drinking a fine adult beverage when creating both as well. Coincidence? I just find recipes of all sorts kinda boring and limiting.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  3. Default Re: Caddis flies for other fish than trout ?

    Are you ready for this. Up here in Manitoba we do have some tremendous Caddis hatches. Here is a list of what I've caught just on a dry elk hair Caddis.
    Walleye, Sauger, Perch, Lake Whitefish, Carp, Goldeye, Mooneye, Crappie, Bluegill, Redhorse Suckers, and even 10 inch Dace Minnows. A wild and wonderful bag of fish.

  4. Default Re: Caddis flies for other fish than trout ?

    Many times, I've used an Elk Hair Caddis as an attractor fly (not trying to match any hatch) while fishing small streams. The fish on most high mountain streams will slam'em just because they look buggy.

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