I recently inherited all of my Dads rods, that have been setting in my Mom's garage since the mid 70's. They include several fairly high quality bamboo rods, that Dad had bought during the late 1930's, and two he built from kits in 1931 (according to my aunt).

All the older rods have been attacked by something (crickets?), that ate the varnish, and silk wrappings. So, I plan on stripping them down and rewrapping them. To this end, I bought a couple of books on restoring bamboo rods.

One of them makes mention of a whip rod, which was intended for fishing small, overgrown streams. It was constructed, by cutting off, the handle from the first section of a light weight three section rod, and glueing the ferule from the end of the first section into the handle. The result was a very light weight rod roughly six-feet long.

Finally to my questions: Has anyone ever seen one of these? And, how would you fish with it? I'm thinking of buying an inexpensive rod and making one for this summer. But, want to get feedback on them if I can before I charge ahead.

I have an idea on a possible technique that Dad used, where he would fish downstream, using a wet fly, and a small piece of woody debris tied into the leader about a foot back of the fly. He would place the fly just above the beginning of eddies, and then let the fly drift into the hole as he paid out line.