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    Default Re: The Fly Shop Reels? Looking for a Saltwater reel

    The prism is the more affordable model. It has a very different drag setup that the TFR's like the 325 and the 425 The Prism is a centerline drag, but it is an encapsulated drag. I have never fished one but have "played" with them at shows. They seem to be stout and smooth, but the TFR's drag is power personified. I use my 425 to stop king salmon on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers(if I'm lucky) when I run out of bank to run on.

    Its just a suggestion, but I think the Prism's price is worth a look if you have a TFO dealer nearby.

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    That is exactly what I'm saying.

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    Default Re: The Fly Shop Reels? Looking for a Saltwater reel

    Quote Originally Posted by fishtacos View Post
    I had no idea they had an outlet store. What should I be looking for in a saltwater reel?

    Again thanks for all the tips.
    I used the Orvis outlet in Manchester Vt (right down the street from their main store). I got 30% off and they shipped it free. Goto the Orvis websites and look for stores then choose outlets.

    Here's the specs on the mid arbor:

    * Less line coiling than on standard arbor reels.
    * Reel has center line disc drag and oneway clutch bearing.
    * Reel has 720 degree adjustment range—60 indexed stops from free spool to dead stop–for total control.
    * Glass composite drag surfaces provide cork feel and excellent tippet protection.
    * Easy–to–grab drag knob.
    * Machined from bar 6061 bar stock aluminum.
    * Extremely durable and lightweight.
    * Corrosion resistant, low maintenance, stainless–steel gearing.
    * Saltwater–proof, durable, scratch–resistant, hard–anodized finish.
    * Reel is easily switched from right to left–hand retrieve.


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    Default Re: The Fly Shop Reels? Looking for a Saltwater reel

    I got the 7/8w LA from Allen Fly fishing last week. For $48 the thing looks great. Feels tight and it's easy to switch from RH to LH wind. Try it, what do you have to loose? The price is right. Just email Justin to see if the price for NAFF members is still the $48.
    BTW, I haven't fished with it yet, but I can tell it's a well built reel. Drag start up is smooth. It's been Baxterized. And one of the 8w's is also an Orvis 10' TLS. That's what this reel's going to be used with. (Along with an 8w BIIX)
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    Default Re: The Fly Shop Reels? Looking for a Saltwater reel

    I ended up buying a Lamson Velocity 3.5 from the classifieds here. Got a good price. Now I just need a rod.

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