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Thread: Will this line work for trout in a float tube

  1. Default Will this line work for trout in a float tube

    I have not fished that much from a float tube, usually I fish either rivers for trout or Pyramid lake from the shore for Cutthroat trout so I am not sure if this line I have will be ok for fishing from my float tube. I purchased a teeny TS-250 line (I know it's a saltwater line) to use from the shore at Pyramid lake. This line was suggested to me by my local fly shop guy specifically for use at Pyramid. It has a 30' shooting head and the rest is a floating running line.
    I did not like how long it took for the line to get down so I switched back to my WF full sink line and that works much better for me. My question is do you think that the TS-250 line would be a good line to use to catch trout or even sub surface bass from my float tube?

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    Default Re: Will this line work for trout in a float tube

    Digger, give it a go for slow trolling. Fish don't hold in all water, just "some water", and that changes with temps, and food. The fish can be too shallow/deep for it to be effective.
    I use a 300 gr. Rio (very similar) and vary my speed to achieve different depths.
    It will "plane up" if you go fast, and you can "jig the depths" very slowly for Walter.
    I recommend a "Fishing Buddy" fish finder, it will pay for itself. Lakes are mostly a barren desert down there, with fish suburbs scattered about.
    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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