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Thread: Always scheming for new gear...

  1. Default Always scheming for new gear...

    So I just figured out how to get that 9 ft. 4 wt. 8.0 flex Helios rod that I lust after but can't afford!

    A while ago I was going to wrap a 4 wt. rod and even went so far as to buy the components from Cabelas. Well, I ended up not wrapping a rod and the components are still sitting in my garage.

    Next thing I do is sell my St. Croix Avid ( a 4 wt.) and throw in a reel with it for somewhere around 130 bucks.

    Next, buy the Helios blank for 300 bucks with tax return money, and now for a relatively small investment (200 bucks or so) I have everything I need to wrap a top of the line Helios rod!!!

    Does anyone else have to scheme and connive ways to get new gear they want? Ever done anything creative to get it?

    Just thought I'd share!

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    Default Re: Always scheming for new gear...

    i do it all the time.....actually just this a schmer and my wife hates it i been wanting a camper so i can take some camping trips to hunt and fish and so on....well we are getting tax return money back as well but have a bathroom remodel planned along with a few other of course i find a pop up camper for $ a gun nut i email the guy and ask him if he would want to trade the camper for a gun i have....he emails me back we email back and forth and he now i got a camper but im out my favorite i tell my wife im gonna trade the guy the gun for the camper....and when we get all the remodel done ill jsut buy another gun to replace the one i traded for the camper....already got another gun found or actually a few diffrent ones for the same that i paid for the one i traded for and are nicer guns

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    Default Re: Always scheming for new gear...

    What gun did you trade for it? I am willing to sell most anything but always have a hard time letting my guns go. Guess the only one that I have gotten rid of that I have not missed has been my Keltec P3AT.

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    Default Re: Always scheming for new gear...

    Sell some fly's on EBAY. And charge $2.00 for shipping with $1.00 off on multiple orders... Heck in no time you will have the money to buy some goodies...

    I actually have about 15 dozen fly's I will not use. I can sell them for about 70 cents to 1.50 per fly per dozen and with an extra $1 for shipping I just made more fishing money.


    PS... I agree with KS.. guns are tough to let go.. the never loose value if you take care of them either.

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    Default Re: Always scheming for new gear...

    I sell flies too (and will on ebay too soon) most of mine go for $1 ea in lots of 3,6,12,15s Its a great way of getting extra for new materials that are too expensive or ammo for hunting even a gift for my wife.(I sell ones that are easy and fast to tie and work well)

    Crittergetter, and KS Im with you, 'you would have too prize my guns from my cold dead fingers'


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    Default Re: Always scheming for new gear...

    gun i traded for was a Remington 700 adl 25-06 will get another one here soon and the ones i have found are nicer guns in the BDL line...i got enough guns as it is and jsut keep gettin more...they do hold their value well thats what i use if i need $$ in a i bought my fly rod actually

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    Default Re: Always scheming for new gear...

    i signed up for wells fargo rewards. i signed up two years ago. I just figured out how to log on. looked and got 18000 points! then i found out that i can get cash as rewards. so got $180 dollars Im gonna get either the ross arm or ross evolution lt. The rewards are nice because if you go to spend the money at least you get something. You can also earn double points for shopping at orvis or cabelas.

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    Default Re: Always scheming for new gear...

    The timing of this thread is ironic.

    A recent conversation with Diver Dan has me thinking about turning my own handles for a spey rod I'm planning to build. After pondering this thought for a couple days I decided to check the local 'for sale site' (regional ads) today and low and behold what do I find? a beautiful older model wood lathe that just so happens to be down the road 2 miles from me.
    The gal said it was her husbands lathe and he passed away in November. She had it advertised for $500.00 but dropped the price to $300.00 when she found out I live in the same town. I think she thought it would be a quick sell because I would not need to move it very far. I told her that I needed to discuss it with my wife first.
    Well, my wife is skeptical, for some silly reason she thinks I don't need another toy, and that the money would be better spent elsewhere.

    Now for the "scheming part" some of you know I own/operate a landscape maint company.
    This lady doesn't seem to be hurting for money and runs a dental lab out of her basement. She told me she works 12-15 hrs a day monday-Friday and that leaves Saturday as the only day for doing yardwork and that's not very appealing to her, so she asks for a bid on weekly maint. I do a walkaround and give her my price. (including a free aeration and Spring fert just to sweeten the deal).
    She wants to think about it for the weekend, but it looks like maybe I have picked up a new acct and will be getting my lathe afterall.

  9. Default Re: Always scheming for new gear...

    Nice Fysh! Successful finagling is a great skill!

  10. Default Re: Always scheming for new gear...

    Wow, it's good to see I'm not the only one. I'm about to list a 2000 4x4 Honda Rancher 4-wheeler on craigslist so I can buy my 8wt set-up and have some more spending money for gear.

    Is this a disease? Some kind of sickness?


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