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Thread: Drift Fishing

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    Almost everyone that i've seen fishing for steelheads around here uses a fly rod with a bobber set-up and let it drift down rather than a noodle rod.(indy rigging as it's called around here) after looking at a article that showed Joni's y-rig or Fshfanatics bounce nymphing rig.

    My question has to do with changing one of these two set-ups a little bit. Actually wanting to take a combine the two set-ups into one. I want to take Joni's y-rig and replace the one fly with split shots coming from Fshfanatics bounce nyphing rig. The man y will use about 8-10lb leaders while as the down leader will be preferably around 4lb to allow for easy break offs if hung up. The fly will probally end being either a spawn sac, egg pattern fly, or some other type fly. What are everyones opinion for success with this. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    It sounds like you're suggesting a single fly bounce nymph rig, and one that I have used all the time. I think its the best set up ever for a one-fly tourney. I would expect it to work very well for steelheading as well, especially because having the fly between the weight and your rod makes its easier to detect strikes.

    I also would suggest that when you are adding the weight to the long leg of the y, that you use multiple small shot instead of one or two big ones. this takes more time to set up, but a series of multiple small shot has a better chance of snaking through a spot that a big one might get stuck in. Putting some space in between them helps the flexing motion. come to think of it, it should splash down a bit softer too.

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    was going over the idea in my head today while out and about. and was thinking along the same line with the split shots. just wasn't thinking of adding any space.(didn't occur to me till you said it) will keep you posted on how it works out.

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