For 6 years I was the attorney who represented fishing groups that joined together to force the LADWP to re-water and restore Rush Creek below Grant Lake in Mono County. Over a quarter of a century later, despit being ordered by the Third District Court of Appeals to restore the fishery that existed prior to 1941 when the stream was illegally de-watered, all affirmative efforts to restore the stream were abruptly cancelled after one year and the lower 5 of 7 miles remains devestated and the Mammoth Flyrodders are beginning to reassemble to fight the next war...
You will see in the video linked below Mammoth Flyrodders President Dick Dahlgren catch fish that will make you drewl, so it's technically a "report."
More importantly, it is a call to arms to everyone who has felt the throbbing of a wild rainbow or brown up to 20" from a wadable stream in our own backyard. Just like in 1984 the "professional" fishing organizations are too busy soliciting corporate donations to pay their overhead to take on a giant like LADWP so it's up to those of us who make up in determination what we otherwise lack in financial resources.
Take a look at this video, pass it on to all your fishing friends. When we started this battle in 1984, LADWP scoffed at us because we were "just fisherman." On the other hand, when Christ chose his apostles, he chose fishermen not water bureaucrats. Let's see if we can prove that it's no longer "Chinatown."

Barrett McInerney

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