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  1. Default Who puts on your line?

    Do you folks put the backer and line on your reels yourself or do you take it too a tackle shop?

    Unfortunately for me Sports Authority and Dicks did in all the little guys and now the closest sports shop that has any fly fishing eqp is about an hour away. Sadly they aren't that big into fly fishing and don't have a lot to choose from. I used Sports Authority to put line on my surf casting reel and the knuckle head put the line on too loose and I ended up with a nightmare.

    Should I buy off the web and attempt it myself or drive the hour?

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    Default Re: Who puts on your line?

    I always do it myself. It's not that hard. Take the empty reel, and attach the fly end of the line to the spool with a piece of masking tape. reel the line on till you get to the backing end. attach the backing and reel it on till you get the reel as full as you want it. cut the backing. then in a big area, I start in my hall and work my way into the living room, pull it off and put it in big S's on the floor till you get it all off. go back to the end of the backing and arbor knot it to the reel and wind it all back on the right direction this time. Done. You can do it in stripping baskets too, but it can tangle with a lot of backing. I think it's easier to do on the floor. I trust my knots too. Just because someone works in a fly shop, does not mean he can tie a good knot. Still you should support the fly shops so you don't end up driving two hours to one. I have to drive 5 1/2 hours to the nearest real fly shop.

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    Default Re: Who puts on your line?

    I've had a brand new spool bent on those massive winders at one shop, but
    one fly shop does a great job (and they don't charge a dime, even if you
    didn't buy the reel or line there!!!). The rest of the shops I've tried all put the
    line on loosely; too little; sloppy; etc. I buy what I need, and wind it myself.
    I attach the reel to a butt section, and then add tension and direction with
    my hand just past the cork. I suppose running the line under a phone book
    would add enough tension as well.

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    Default Re: Who puts on your line?

    I put my line on myself. It is pretty darn easy.

    If you don't feel comfortable setting up your own rig, go visit the outfitter.


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    Default Re: Who puts on your line?

    I just set up some new reels myself recently after years of relying on my old friend/guru or fly shop. There is a learning curve here that the ever so wise Senior Members may not remember. I had fun learning - and have a couple of reels that I am (sort of) looking forward to testing by getting a fish into the backing! It is empowering to be able to set your self up. I got a ton of help here, and from my old pal, and trial and error was helpful too. In the end I've learned a lot - So go for it - learn to set your reels up yourself.
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    Default Re: Who puts on your line?

    i put on line myself or have the people at sportmans warehouse do it. i prefer to have them do it because it comes out all nice and even. one time i did have my local fly shop do it. line and his services were $18. I do recall one of my first time doing it. i spooled it backwards. backing and fly line. Only had to do that once to learn my lesson

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    Default Re: Who puts on your line?

    I can not believe a shop would charge for this. I have always offered this as a free service. even when i worked at a orvis store it was free, even if you did not buy from us. I do a free leader attachment also.
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    Default Re: Who puts on your line?

    I think I started to learn the most when I stopped relying on ppl to do things for me. I honestly knowing all of the working parts of your equipment can only help.

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    Default Re: Who puts on your line?

    do you have any spare spools? I use a spare spool (of the same size) and do as was mentioned before-- line, then backing to the fullness desired. I will then reverse it all onto the spool/ reel to be used.

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    Default Re: Who puts on your line?

    Hi beerbrewer,

    If I buy the line and backing from a shop I would expect them to wind it on my reel for free. If I walked into a shop with a reel, line and backing that I bought somewhere else then I would expect to pay for the job.

    If you are unsure about your ability to put on the line and backing and don't know what knots to use, then it may be better to take it to a fly shop. If you have to go to a non-fly shop they may not know any more about what to do than you do. It is an easy job and it gives you a chance to learn the knots and know it is done correctly. NAFFF members can give you all the information you need to wrap it your self and I would go for it.


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