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Thread: Backing Capacity Ratings For DT lines

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    Default Backing Capacity Ratings For DT lines

    I notice that all reel manufacturers list their backing capacities for WFF lines. Is a WFF line typically large/smaller/ or the same as a DT of the same weight? Also I only have one DT line and it is only 80', not the typical 100' that a WF line is. I'm trying to figure out if my DT4F 80' line will fit on a reel that is rated for WFF3 with 50yds of backing. I don't mind having a short amount of backing, but I would like to get 25 yds or so on there. It is a small stream setup so there will never be a need for 50+ yds of backing.

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    Default Re: Backing Capacity Ratings For DT lines

    According to the Abel website, reels using double taper lines will use around 15 percent less backing than a weight forward line in the same weight rating. Keep in mind that number could be more or less depending on the taper of the particular line. Considering that you want to use a DT4F, it will be a close call.


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