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crittergetter 03-04-2010 09:27 AM

MO March 1 shout out.
This should probably be posted in the Midwest region forum but I felt it would be good to let others see what being outdoors with neighbors is all about in MO. Along the way we did get some fishing in. Bennett sold 1900 tags and the 6:00 am temp was 25 degree's. Last year it was 15 degree's

Link with Pic's DSC_0116 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Mo Parks tags sold link = 2010 Trout Opening - Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites, DNR

For all of you that say “Oh my GOD. That isn’t fly fishing. I wouldn’t be caught dead…” I can totally understand. 18 years ago I said the same. Now we (My wife and I ) make sure we are on stream at 6:00 am with all the other Fisherpeople. If you followed the link you will see we are shoulder to shoulder. Yes you get tangled. I felt good I only had 3 tangles this year in 2 hours. This rituals allows you to meet your neighbors. You have no choice. You talk about life and the outdoors. I shared my Ouzo, few weights and a stringer (since I wasn’t catch and keeping) to my neighbor to the right. He netted a 3lb trout for me. I learned he was going to be deployed the next day and we helped his 72 year old friend crawl down off the banks so he could fish next to us. We also showed the friend how to drift a nymph in a hole and he caught a 17” rainbow on the 3rd drift. We listened to some old guy across the stream with an attitude cussing everybody out that got close to him. Needless to say somebody walked up bigger and meaner than the guy, talked to him nicely and the guy gained a far better attitude. The neighbors to the right were all “ThingymaBobber” converts as well.

What I am saying here is opening day is a day to celebrate life and outdoors. Fishing with neighbors can be fun and entertaining. For the most part they are all having a good time laughing and giving each other a hard time. Until next year I will definitely enjoy fly fishing in solitude better. No neighbors 5’ away. However, I will miss the fun we have, for one day, year over year, standing side by side with god knows who getting to know them. Of course the common theme.. “Everybody is there to enjoy life and the outdoors”

luked 03-04-2010 12:04 PM

Re: MO March 1 shout out.
Im headin down this weekend...gonna camp at campground 4 Fri and Sat night i cant wait....

Rip Tide 03-04-2010 12:18 PM

Re: MO March 1 shout out.
.:eek:..... not on a bet.

I participate in the opening day festivities here in CT but never, ever where it's like that.... and there are a couple of places that come close.
My buddy and I usually hit some non-stocked headwaters in the morning and gradually work our way down stream as the crowds disperse
I don't mind company for the first week or two of the season but after that if I see another car, I fish elsewhere.

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