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    Default What's one new thing you'll learn?

    What is one new thing you will learn how to do this fly season? Last year was the first time i'd ever tried really fishing nymphs with weight added to the line. that is going to be my focus this year. how about everybody else?

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    i'd like to add to mine. i've never tried fishing a wet fly before either, so that might be a new experience.

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    Default Re: What's one new thing you'll learn?

    I am in the middle of a learning curve, experimenting with multi-fly rigs. In B.C. where I grew up I could only use one fly, now after many years of this it is a new experience that I need to improve on.....Kerry
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    Default Re: What's one new thing you'll learn?

    Within the last few days the ice has broken up in the large river coves which to me signals the beginning of the pre-spawn pike season.
    So right now I got northern pike on the brain.
    A short term goal is to learn a few new places. Hopefully spots where I can wade before flood season begins.
    I wasn't able to fish yesterday, but I did check out a couple of new places that look promising.

    Later in the season, I think I'd like to spend more time sight fishing. Not just on the salt water flats and in the surf, but on the local river's flats for carp
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    Default Re: What's one new thing you'll learn?

    Kerry,SDF, That is why I enjoy this sport. Unlimited learning.
    My "jones" right now is the switch rod thing, A whole new set of casts, mends.
    That, and getting to fish I couldn't reach before. Gotta love it!

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Default Re: What's one new thing you'll learn?

    Learning the Spey Game.

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    Default Re: What's one new thing you'll learn?

    #1: Recognizing strikes indications then setting the hook more timely, and in the right direction.
    #2: BUT, I need work on it all.
    high sticking

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    Default Re: What's one new thing you'll learn?

    Really show that double haul who is boss, I am sick and tired of it laughing at me and calling me hurtful names.

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    Default Re: What's one new thing you'll learn?

    Since I probably won't be fishing much this year, I would like to learn the most effective ways to teach others how to fly fish.

    okay... I'll fess up and say I want to learn to do a graceful and repeatable overhead curve cast to the rod hand side.

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    Default Re: What's one new thing you'll learn?

    Since this is my first season fly fishing my goal is... wait for it... wait... to learn how to effectively catch fish. 5 trips out and one fish... I've got a lot to learn

    - Justin

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    This will be my second season fly fishing for trout here in northern Colorado. I did manage to get out quite a bit my first season as well as several times during winter so I feel like I learned a lot but at the same time feel so ignorant. You know, the more you know the more you know you don't know.

    Goals for next season:
    1) Learn to read hatches
    2) Get skunked less often (just did today on the Poudre )
    3) Double haul cast
    4) Tying dries

    I think I am going to splurge this year and get myself a day with a guide.

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