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Thread: Just getting started

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    First of all I apoligize if this thread isn't posted under the right topic. OK, here goes. I have never fly fished before but want to learn. I have a couple of old fly rods and reels that my dad gave me recently and have done some reading on the internet about how to do some basic casting. I have been practicing in the yard in the evenings. What I really want to know is what I need on the reel for fishing. All that is on the reel now is fly line. I cant tell you what kind it is or the size or anything. From what I have read there is supposed to be some backing on the reel followed by the fly line and then leader. Is this right? Any help would be appreciated. Oh yeah, I don't know how to connect the backing to the fly line and the fly line to the leader etc. Any info on knot tying would also be appreciated. I will eagerly await your responses. Thank you.

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    Congrats on your new endeavor. You are correct about the fly line backing to fly line then to leader. The tippet is the fine end of the leader the attaches to the fly.

    My advice would be to go to a local fly shop and have them look at the reel; you may have all you need. If it is old material you may need to buy new lines as they lose strength with age. You want you first day on the water to be as successful as possible. Most fly shop will be glad to help with this type of thing as well as helping with your cast.

    Good luck and keep up the practice, welcome aboard!

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    Forgot to add this to my post. Here is a good site for knot tying.

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    Congratulations, if you have any questions you will find the internet to be a very valuble tool, I too started again last year after a 25 year layoff, so I am learning the new technology all over again, I still have my old Berkley Cherrywood 7/8 wieght flyrod which served me well, a very long time ago, so now I too am in the market for a new/used fly rod, preferably 5/6 wieght. Anyway have fun, and most of all have patients. Cheers.

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    A trip to a good local flyshop would be very helpful. They can get you set up and ready to go.

    Also, there is a search function built into this forum that you can use to get lots of the onfo your after. For anything that hasn't yet been covered, don't hesitate to shoot us a question!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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