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    Default Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

    I'm not one for politic's, but when it could impact my flyfishing....

    I saw this today on ESPN Sports:

    I think this has some devastating potential to Sport and Recreational fishing.

    Just sent a note off to my congressional reps...hope it helps.

    Links posted. Don't know how that happened
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    Default Re: Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

    I just see some basketball stuff.

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    Default Re: Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

    Commerical fishing interests are playing to the fears of recreational fishermen
    ESPN should be ashamed of themselves

    how 'bout a little truth to go with those lies?
    ESPN claims Obama is about to ban fishing
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

  4. Default Re: Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

    This article seems like a bunch of BS fear mongering to me. Very similar to what landed us in Iraq. I didn't see one thing in that article that outlined anything specific as to how the current administration is going to impact recreational angling. Hell, there wasn't even anything specific stated about how it was going to impact commercial fishing. I served in the military as an infantryman for eight years which made me appreciate the freedoms that I have been afforded even more. I am also finishing my masters degree in biology and have studied and read many peer reviewed, scientifcally sound papers on the effects that overharvesting, bicatch, and industrial pollutants have on our marine ecosystems. Believe me, this is a major problem, and if recreational anglers want to continue enjoying the sport they love they should not swallow this type of propaganda hook, line, and sinker. One of my professors is a leader in protecting the offshore reefs of Costa Rica from overharvesting. I know some of you are probably thinking that this guy is one of those greenpeace members who, according to this article, wants to ban fishing of all kinds. Actually, this same professor competes as a co-angler on the FLW bass fishing tour every summer and obviously has no problem with recreational fishing at all. The point is, conservation through governmental regulation should not be something to be fearful of. No one is trying to make you take your waders off and put your fly rod down. The truth is, we would have destroyed our marine and aquatic ecosystems long ago if it hadn't been for government regulation because we have proved time and time again that the our industries, both fishing and non-fishing, are incapable or unwilling to police themselves.

    I will be the first one on the front step of the White House if there is a threat to my freedom to fish recreationally. The point of regulation and conservation is so that conditions don't get to a point were that is an option.

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    Thanks for the link. You must have posted it while I was typing. It was good to see that someone else in the media was willing to call ESPN out for their lack of journalistic integrity. They should stick to sports and leave the politics to real journalists.

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    Default Re: Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

    Very well put Rip Tide and barber.
    I absolutely agree. This is more about protecting/enhancing our waters/ecosystems, and passing on what valuable resources we have left to future generations. With particular emphasis being placed upon The Great Lakes Region and our Coastal Area's. Both of which have been big targets for Industry and Developement.

    Whether or not you agree with other current policies from the Obama Administration. This is one we should all be onboard with and making sure to keep the current administration on task.

    A couple of months ago I had looked into this further and had at that time seen nothing in the '9 Priority Objectives' from the task force that prompted any alarm.
    Here in a link for the 'Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force' Interrum Report with the '9 Priority Objectives' listed on pg 7. Remember these are only recommendations with nothing set in policy as of yet.

    This is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  6. Default Re: Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

    This is going around all the forums today! What a joke. Wow. These people will try anything to get Obama voted out of office nowadays. They must really be grasping at straws going as low to say he will not let you fish anymore.... So much fear tactics every single day against our president and its all really just pathetic and sad. People need to do some research online instead of falling for this BS. Everything is just some blatant lies to scare the weak minded and trick the uneducated people cause everyone knows When you are full of fear you can be easily controlled and tricked into anything. like going into a war for no reasons whatsoever... Think about it! They say he's gonna take your guns away! ya people are gonna show up and collect your guns from you and not get murdered... He was never gonna take them away but it scared everyone so they ran out and bought guns and the prices skyrocketed. The gun companies ripped dumb people off. Now they say hes not gonna let you fish anymore! BS!! I guarentee you will be able to fish always He wouldn't be president anymore cause people would riot and burn down the freakin whitehouse... they say hes gonna pull the plug on your grandma too. ya right. Oh and also we are not safe anymore either! best of all the people who say we are not safe are the ones who were on watch when 9/11 happened..hypocrites much? They even go as far to say Obama is Hitler!! hahaha!!! what a joke. I laugh at these loony people. people need to get some common sense already and use the brains god gave them and just go on living your lives like always cause its never gonna be some nazi germany here in the usa and we will always be able to go fishing and If you think we are not gonna ever be able to fish again then you have officially lost your freakin minds.... just my 2 cents worth!! Well maybe it was 50 cents worth. but it just gets my blood going a lil...
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    Default Re: Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

    I'm going to wait on my opinion for a bit. But I honestly don't trust the current administration as far as I can toss them in a grand piano. There are some people in key positions that if left to get what they want, the next fish you eat will be pressed out of soy. It's a bit early to be getting nervous yet, but I will be paying attention. Where I live, the entire economy is based around a sport fishing industry. One set of stupid new laws and Lake of the Woods county dries up and blows away.This is border waters and part of what is being looked at. Take a look at the political opinions of the many many czars we have now. I'm all for conservation and sustainable fisheries laws, but the first time I get sued by a lawyer representing a pike I fought to long and I'm going to be annoyed a bit. These's a lot of vague, creepy language in that paper that can go pretty far out field.
    P.S. Calm down there George. Don't make me get the thorazine.

  8. Default Re: Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

    More fear and loathing from the party of NO.

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    Default Re: Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

    Yatahey, don't you mean the party of "know"? After all, wasn't it Geraldine Feraro, who in her national committee address said that the more educated our students are becoming the more they are becoming Republicans?

    There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm. ~Patrick F. McManus, Never Sniff a Gift Fish, 1979

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    Default Re: Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

    Contrary to the ESPN "report" this isn't a left vs. right issue.
    This is special interests vs. responsible, science based management.

    You can read the full task force report here;

    Here's the summery:

    * A New Approach to How We Use and Protect the Ocean, Coast, and Great Lakes. The Interim Framework is designed to: decrease user conflicts; improve planning and regulatory efficiencies and decrease their associated costs and delays; and preserve critical ecosystem function and services. The Interim Framework describes how such plans would be developed and implemented, and provides timeframes and steps for phased implementation of the framework.
    * Moves us Away From Sector-by-Sector and Statute-by-Statute Decision-Making. While many existing permitting processes include aspects of coordinated planning, most focus solely on a limited range of management tools and outcomes (e.g., oil and gas leases, fishery management plans, and marine protected areas). Comprehensive marine spatial planning presents a more integrated, comprehensive, ecosystem-based, flexible, and proactive approach to planning and managing uses and activities.
    * Brings Federal, State, and Tribal Partners Together in an Unprecedented Manner to Jointly Plan for the Future. The Interim Framework is not a top-down planning effort. Rather, it describes a new approach to Federal resource planning that is regionally based and developed cooperatively among Federal, State, tribal, and local authorities, and regional governance structures, through the establishment of nine regional planning bodies.
    * Places Science-Based Information at the Heart of Decision-Making. Scientific data, information and knowledge, as well as relevant traditional knowledge, will be the underpinning of the regionally developed plans.
    * Emphasizes Stakeholder and Public Participation. The planning process would be fully transparent and participatory – requiring frequent and robust stakeholder engagement throughout all steps of the process (i.e., development, adoption, implementation, adaptation and evaluation).
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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