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    Default What Are You Doing to Promote Fishing?

    In light of the recent threads about fishing being threatened, what are you doing to help promote our sport? I don't belong to any fishing groups, but
    do give information about flyfishing to anyone that asks, and also oblige any non-flyfishing angler's request to try my gear. I live in Southeast PA, and there are LOTS of fishermen that ask me if flyfishing is difficult. I show them how to perform a basic cast, and put the rod in their hands right away. Kids love to see flies, so I hit them with the fly boxes first, and then hand them the rod. I was at a local county park this afternoon, and was fishing a stream where the road crosses over it. I had several people stop in their cars, as well as pedestrians walk up to me (the bank is less than 15 feet from the park's main road). I pass out Green Weenies and Wooly Buggers to any angler interested in trying to flyfish: I tell them to use a small bobber to cast the fly, and if they like the results, to buy a starter outfit from any of the sporting goods stores. (the nearest shop is 30 miles away, so...)

    It's not much, but I feel we need to do more with adults and kids. Does anyone belong to an organization that helps foster interest in flyfishing?

    The funny thing is my own kid goes fishing about once a year....

    P.S. Having this forum is a great way to help people at all levels of flyfishing! I'd like to extend my thanks to the folks that make NAFFF available
    to people worldwide

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    I tie flies with my 5 and 7 year old boys and take them fishing as much as I can. If a stranger approached me, I would absolutely share my love of this sport with him/her.
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    Default Re: What Are You Doing to Promote Fishing?

    I am all for local chapters of TU or other fishing clubs and I wish I could join one, but time doesn't allow for another committment... I have simply promoted fishing with people I come into contact with. I speak from my own experiences on the water and promote tuning into nature and all God has given mankind. So far to date, with a little more than a couple months fly fishing, I've gotten one friend to make the jump and pick up a pole... now onto the next one


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    I help out with a local program in NE Iowa called Take A Kid Outdoors (TAKO). Over the past couple of years we take kids out and teach them how to fish both on open water and through the ice. I will never forget the first time I helped my buddy with an ice fishing event and we had a parent show up with a special needs kid, and a 6' Zebco push-button baitcasting rod. I loaned them some extra ice fishing rods that I had brought, and by the end of it that kid had outfished everyone there... including my buddy with the $300 Vexlar ice flasher. On top of that, I had never seen anyone get so excited about catching a fish in my entire life. I was so happy for that kid and at the same time it reminded me why I love fishing so much. Most of the kids at these events have never been taught how to fish, and being able to teach them about the sport and to have respect for their natural environment is extremely rewarding.

    On top of that I have spent the past 3 years restoring and reconstructing native tallgrass prairie in the state of Iowa. This indirectly helps fishing by reducing runoff and increasing water interception and infiltration. Prairies act as a buffer to our riparian zones and reduce erosion and filter out contaminates that otherwise may enter into our watersheds.

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    Workng at a flyshop I get all kinds of people,men, women, and kids come in and say something like, I think this looks fun, but it would be to hard for me, or somethng alonge those lines, so I reassure them that they could do it and string up a rod and take them out side and do a quick casting leason, and usally I have my tying stuff set of tying flies so I'll give them a fly or two. I even offer to meet them at the park on the river and teach them some stuff.
    People around town know I am a guide and work at the shop and anyone that ask me I tell them the same thing, meet for an hour and I'll have you fly fishing.

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    Unhappy Re: What Are You Doing to Promote Fishing?

    I've been a member of a FFF club for around 30 years, but I don't participate as much as I should I guess
    I'm a mentor for the on-stream fishing classes and I've helped stock the "club stretch" on an area river. Once in a while I'll man the club booth at sportsman's shows, but that's about it.

    I do have 'my own' trail that I blazed and maintain along the shore of an 80 acre pond in town open space
    That's not really fishing, but I suppose people access it to fish
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    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: What Are You Doing to Promote Fishing?

    As a public school teacher here in PA (12th grade Physics) I use fishing in a great many of my examples. The students in my school all know that I am a fishing addict, and often stop in to see the pictures I have in my classroom.

    I also belong to a local sportsman's club (Paradise Valley) which runs an annual trout derby for children under 16 years of age on a local stream. The PA Fish Commission accomodates us in that endeavor, even though it is a stocked stream, by allowing us to close the stream to public fishing on a 1 mile stretch for a, 8 hour period the day of the derby.

    I am a member of the Laurel Highlands Chapter of TU, and will be attending the local chapter annual banquet on March 20.

    I do whatever I can to spread the word. Last night (Wednesday) I was the guest speaker at our local Boy Scout (Webelos, 10-12 year olds) meeting. I gave a one hour talk about fly fishing and fly tying. You should have seen the little buggers! They were enthralled, and several expressed an interest in learning to tie after the meeting.

    There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm. ~Patrick F. McManus, Never Sniff a Gift Fish, 1979

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    Default Re: What Are You Doing to Promote Fishing?

    In Canada we have similar issues and the numbers can always be higher.
    I know this is a U.S. thread, but I will add a bit anyway.
    I brought Project Healing Waters to Canada to introduce more people to fly fishing. Each of these people will become members of TU Canada.
    I have taught my children to fish and I belong to TU and a Fly Fishing club.
    For those of you who do not have time for a commitment to any group, just belonging to TU is adding to their numbers and thus their political weight.
    I hope you can have an effect on Obama, it sounds like he needs more than a day on the river?
    Each smallest act of kindness - even just words of hope when they are needed, the remembrance of a birthday, a compliment that engenders a smile - reverberates across great distances and spans of time, affecting lives unknown to the one whose generous spirit was the source of this good echo, because kindness is passed on and grows each time it's passed, until a simple courtesy becomes an act of selfless courage years later and far away.

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    Default Re: What Are You Doing to Promote Fishing?

    I ran a fishing school for many years during my spare time,I guided for some years too.I was also invited in some schools to talk about fish and wildlife on the river and wrote articles in some magazines.Every time I can I help new flyfishermen who need some help and ask me to do it...I do my best on this forum to share what I've learnt over the years...

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    Default Re: What Are You Doing to Promote Fishing?

    i take people out all the time. thinking about doing something at my church. I tell people their first time i provide gas, flies, gear. They just got to show up.Then i spend the day teaching how to read the water. where the fish live and what they eat. I usually start teaching them the roll cast. This way my flies are not decorating a tree. I enjoy taking people out. they get so excited over a smelt kinda funny.

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