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    Default Re: keep losing flies!

    If you are having problems with hooking bushes behind you, especially for newer casters, the advice above on making the back cast in a more "up" direction than "back" is probably valid for you. Also, the "breaking wrist" advice: if the rod doesn't stop solidly while the backcast turns over, the loop will open up, the line slows down and drops, often into bushes you thought you were casting over.
    Also, you don't have to back cast in the exact opposite direction of your target:The line will cast to where ever the rod tip is pointing last. If you have bushes and trees behind you, back cast parrallel to the bank, then turn the rod tip toward your "target" on the forward cast when you plan to release the cast.
    Read Lefty Kreh. His instructions helped me alot.

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    Default Re: keep losing flies!

    I also saw a tip where the guy said to make your back cast your front cast. In other words cast toward the bank so you can see and possibly avoid the trees and bushes. Cast it into the openings.

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    Default Re: keep losing flies!

    I still go for those not so elusive 'tree fish' and catch them quite often still. We get caught up in the moment and totally forget about that bush or tree we just walked past and thought, "I'll have to be careful about that" and then we forget and, well, you know the rest of that story. Time and practice and a learned alertness about what's around us. Try roll casting or shorten your line if possible. If it's way across that you're trying to get to and you have bushes or trees directly behind you, try goin gupstream and casting down. That way you'll have the river behind you.
    "I fish because I love to; because I love the environs where trout are found; because trout do not lie or cheat and cannot be bought or bribed or impressed by power, but respond only to quietude and humility and endless patience...because only in the woods can I find solitude without lonliness..." Robert Traver 1964 (Judge John Voelker)

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    Default Re: keep losing flies!

    I don't have enough experience to offer much advice. One of the things that I was taught and still find amazing is how many flies you can save by roll casting toward the bottom hang-up.
    But yeah, I'm with you. Still lose some. I always take time out to try to save my fly, or line. I consider it paying my dues for being a newb. Sometimes it's more like punishment, lol.

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    I am currently having same problem to 2nd day fly fishing

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    Default Re: keep losing flies!

    There are days where I loose several flies in trees, brush, or other obstacles that line the stream. I often get hooked up on the bottom either in branches or rocks. It happens when you fish. Like others have mentioned roll casting is a solid technique to use when you don't have much room for a back cast.

    If you're looking behind you before casting to check your casting lanes and still getting hooked up, it's possible you might have some casting issues to work on. I have been working on my casting more than ever over the past couple of years and it's still a work in progress despite nearly 13 or so years of fly fishing. If you haven't done so yet and the means to do so, take casting lessons and then practice a little bit as much as possible. I can't tell you how much one session helped me.
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    Default Re: keep losing flies!

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
    Have you tried roll casting yet? This will help tremendously when bushes and trees are close to your back.
    Thats the best advise I can think of right there, Due to the size of the streams I fish I can roll cast all the way across at a 45 degree angle so roll casting is 90% of my casting and I have save countless flies I know it.

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    Default Re: keep losing flies!

    It is normal at first. My first time I lost almost every fly I had bought. That is when I decided to start tying myself. Didn't take me long. I seldom lose flies now mostly lose to stuff in the water. Fish, logs, rocks, etc. ..I fish small warmwater creeks with lots of tree canopy and I seldom roll cast. I mostly use the standard overhead cast. I use short rods and just love them. My long rods stay in the closet until I hit the salt or other big open water. My 6' rods work great. I still hang in the tree once in a while but the usually the fly is low enough to reach or it will come loose with a light tug.

    If you are where there is some high weeds or brush behind you but nothing overhead you can actually throw the line up high on the backcast and miss all the standing trash. Keep your head up. It will get much better. Trust me! Check is in the mail!

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    Default Re: keep losing flies!

    When fishing a stream or small river, you will be surprised at how short your casts can be if you use stealth to approach the areas where you think fish are holding. The closer to the holding area, the shorter will be your cast.

    Think of fly fishing more as an act of hunting. Keep a low profile, don't make noise, no false casts therefore no movement and you should be able to just flip your rod a bit and your fly will land at least 20 feet in front of you. The rod is already close to 9 feet long and the leader is at least 4 to 7 feet long. If your fly is in one hand and the rod in the other can make a cast that is at least 18 feet long. If the fish is not spooked, it will take the fly.'s difficult to add a couple of feet of distance to your cast when you are working with just the leader and 2 or 3 feet of fly line past the tip of your rod. If the stream you are working demands that you make 30 foot casts but there is little room for 1 false cast, there is a way to make things easier and that is by making the end of your fly line heavier. By a cheap double taper fly line and chop off a good portion of the front end. You will have the other end of the fly line to experiment with. This will give you some weight to work with. You can make a decent cast using just 6 or 7 feet of line in the air.

    There are probably a few other things that I forgot to add but the reason is simple.....I rarely fish in close Almost all of my fishing is on lakes or large rivers where back casts can be almost as long as the forward casts.

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    Today I only lost one and It was from a fish I also caught a medium to large size bass with it

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