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    I fish many small streams, and go through lots of flies. It's just part of the deal. I probably make casts that other guys wouldn't. Consequently, I catch fish out of spots someone else might pass by.

    You'll lose fewer flies as you become a better caster. Also, losing flies is a lot cheaper than losing bass lures. I've got $20+ swimbaits.
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    not to Hijack but after reading all the responses, am I the only one who thinks is normal to lose roughly 6 flies in a day. I mean thats a decent day for me and I can cast pretty well. the only difference is I nymph 40% of the time streamers 40% of the time and drys MAYBE 10%.

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    Default Re: keep losing flies!

    If you're nymphing and throwing streamers, losing only 6 flies in a day might considered be a good day. I've fished double nymph rigs, lost both flies, re-rigged and lost both flies again within the first couple of casts.
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    As they say in the military, "situational awareness" is the key.

    Since you are just beginning, you are paying attention to what is in front of you. As you bet better, you won't think about the casting and be more aware of where you are, including what is behind you.

    Think of losing a fly as messing up and learn from it. If you are catching the flies on trees and bushes behind you, you need to look back before you cast.

    One suggestion was to make your forward cast the backcast. To me that means turning around and delivering the presentation with your backcast.

    I do something different. I make two forward casts.

    Here is how it is done.

    I am a right handed caster. To pantomime what I do, grab a pencil or pen in your right hand and hold it like you would your rod handle. Do what I describe. You are now facing your computer screen.

    I place my body so that it is parallel to rather than facing my target. So imagine that your left side is toward the bushes. Your right side then is toward the water and where you what the fly delivered.

    Turn your head to the left toward the "bushes" and make a cross body forward cast to your left. When you make this cast, the pen/pencil (rod handle) and the palm of your casting hand is toward you and you can see your fingernails. you have just made a forward cast into the slot between the bushes.

    Now turn your head to your right and spot your target area on the water. After the rod stop on the cast to the left, rotate your rod hand so that your palm faces away from you. Now make another forward cross body cast to your right.

    By placing your body parallel to the casting plane and rotating your hand between what would normally be a forward and backcast, you can make TWO FORWARD cross body casts.

    You accuracy will improve because you deliver both casts with a forward casting motion AND you do not need to rotate you body between cast to see the target zone on the backcast delivery.


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