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Thread: Cell Phone "Apps"

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    We have one up here called ifish Alberta and it is awesome! It gives you current weather updates a google map of all the closest fishing spots from your current location, lunar phases, species references, rules and regulations, lake depth charts, knots and even boat launch locations. The only down side is that it is currently just for lakes but i have heard they are working on adding rivers into it as well. Not sure if they have one for your locations but it would be worth a look into in my opinion.

    iFish Alberta™ | The iPhone App for Fishing in Alberta

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    I recommend RIVER GUIDE for the I-phone. Very good list of river gauges throughout the US, with daily and weekly streamflows and levels. Originally designed as a kayaking app, Wayne, the author, is open to adding new streams that are gauged, for fly fishers. Get it at I-tunes. I reviewed it previously

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    Just posted in the gps thread before seeing this one. Love the footprints app for my HTC evo phone, let's me record coordinates, take a picture and write notes about the location. I use it often.

    (sorry if I sound like a broken record.)

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    Any Blackberry fishing apps out there?

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