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  1. Default Best time to go ???

    Good day to All,

    Just curious as to when you prefer to go out fly fishing ?

    I know that any time is good, but which time of the day
    do you mostly head out ? Early morning or toward evening ?
    ( This maybe determined by target species & time of year also. )

    Since I am a morning person ( getting up 6AM or earlier for most
    of my working life ) I prefer to get to the river at daybreak. If the
    timing is right there may still be a little fog, no wind, wildlife
    everywhere & an awesome time to see our Lord's world.

    What are your thoughts ?

    Always in the Water,
    Tie One On

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    If I go in the AM I like to be on the water before the sun comes up and I love watching the sun set as well. But, my biggest fish always seem to be caught between 12-3pm. Go figure.

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    Default Re: Best time to go ???

    Depending on the time of the year, there's basically nothing I would rather fish than an evening hatch. Start nymphing deep in the afternoon, swing wets or fish emergers before the hatch, mix in some dries during the hatch, back to wets, and then streamers when it gets dark. Good times, good times.

    If saltwater, then fishing at dawn is unbeatable. Wind is much calmer, birds and bugs play that wonderful concert, not much boat traffic yet. Need to go do that again soon.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I'm with Cliff here, but a big factor is that I have a hard time getting up before sunrise for anything other than duck hunting. Most of the year, if I have a full day off I head up to the river around 11 or 12, fish nymphs for a few hours, then switch to dry flies aroud 4 or so. This time of the year in the Southern Rockies I basically just fish dry flies all day. Last weekend i caught about 40 wild browns with even really trying. The only fly i used was a size 16 elk hair caddis. Keep in mind that i did have to hike in 5 miles to find fish that willing.

  5. Default Re: Best time to go ???

    Depends on where I am. I love going early in order to watch the sun rise and be able to fish when it is still cool. Here in Oklahoma this time of year it tends to get rather warm later on in the morning and on in to the afternoon. Then I wait until the sun is setting and go back after them. Nothing more fun than to catch fish as it is getting too dark to see what you have until you net it.

  6. Default Re: Best time to go ???

    Like "Tie One On" I am an early riser and the peace and quiet of the early morning is a great start to a day. Especially if the fish are biting.
    The beauty and peace of a quiet morning with trout rising to the fly is the best relief of job pressure you can have.

  7. Default Re: Best time to go ???

    I've found that whether I'm fishing in the Smokies or the Everglades, the perfect day starts around 7:00- 7:30am on the water, fishing until about noon, a quick bite & a nap and then back out on the water around 4pm to finish out as the sun goes down.

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