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    Default 3wt Fly Line or 4wt

    Is there an advantage of over loading my TFO 3wt slow action rod with 4wt line?

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    Default Re: 3wt Fly Line or 4wt

    i wouldent say over lining would be a good idea for a slower action rod. which TFO do you have? the reason for over lining a rod is to make is act more like a medium action rod. so a medium or slow action rod wouldent have much to gain from over lining especially on a 3wt

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    Default Re: 3wt Fly Line or 4wt

    I agree with ab. Essentially, what you're doing is bending the rod more on the backcast/frontcast and slowing down the natural action of the blank by adding more weight into the equation.

    I overline my GLoomis 9'0" GLX Max 6 wt. on a regular basis when I'm tossing big flies, because it's a stiff, fast action stick and I simply like the action better when I can get more bend out of the blank. But that's about the only overlining that I do.

    In general, for the kinds of conditions that you're going to encounter when you fish a 3 wt., you're not going to be fishing big pattern flies, you're unlikely to encounter a lot of constant wind and you don't need lots of distance for your casts.

    So, I would say that you won't see any advantage to overlining your 3 wt.

    Having said that, I do tend to fish the lower wt. rods; 3 wts. and 4 wts., with a DT line; instead of a WF line. I like the way that the smaller rods cast with a DT line. Perhaps worth a try if you're looking for something different in the performance of your 3 wt.

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    Default Re: 3wt Fly Line or 4wt

    Hi smallieman,

    Normally I would say no and to use a DT line. The exception to that may be if you are fishing really small creeks and streams where the cast is not very long. With an over weight line you can cast with less line out of the tip. So if you are casting with 20' of line in the air most of the time you will find a 4wt line will give you better performance. That is, 20' of 4wt line will give you better loading of the rod than 20' of a 3wt line. If you are casting with 30' of line in the air most of the time then I would stick with a 3wt.

    One compromise, if you think a heavier line will be beneficial, maybe a 1/2 weight over line would be a good choice. Something like the SA GPX or the RIO Grand. In most circumstances you would not want to over line your TFO 3wt.


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