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    Default Re: What are your TOP 3 Flyshops - Top down order

    Here are mine, very similar to fyshstyckr:

    Jimmy's.(Idaho Falls, Idaho) Jimmy's All Seasons Angler

    Blue Ribbon Flies.(West Yellowstone, Montana) Blue Ribbon Flies

    Henry's Fork Anglers.(Last Chance, Idaho) Henry's Fork Anglers : 1 800.788.4479 : Mike Lawson's Professional Fishing Guides : 3340 Hwy 20 Island Park, Idaho 83429

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    Default Re: What are your TOP 3 Flyshops - Top down order

    We have a lot of fly shops here..


    The Rivers Edge - Bozeman, MT
    Greater Yellowstone Flyfishers

    Redding California

    I always enjoy walking through all the West Yellowstone shops
    A good one for tying materials
    Arricks Fly Shop in West Yellowstone Montana

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    Default Re: What are your TOP 3 Flyshops - Top down order

    Since I tie all my flies, I have to put Feathercraft Fly Fishing on top. They have a super good inventory of materials, and if they get out of stock, they fill back orders quickly.

    Second is The Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen Colorado. I worked behind the counter and guided for them for a couple years, and Jim and Martha Cannon treated me like family. Last year, when I decided to drop some major coin on a Helios 5wt. rod and a pair of Simms G-3 waders, I drove 100 miles east to give them my business.

    Third would be Charlie's Fly Box in Arvada, CO. His web site has the best tutorial on the planet on how to tie all the popular Colorado patterns, and I spend a lot of time there. I throw him a lot of business too, just because of the fantastic web site.


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    Default Re: What are your TOP 3 Flyshops - Top down order

    Slate Run Tackle @ Wolf's General Store, Slate Run Pennsylvania. The owner's were always good to me there.

    Mountain View Sports in Anchorage, always fun to stop and see Eric at the fly shop.

    I have all the feathers & fur that I'll need for the rest of my life but I order some hooks, silks, and tinsels from Frank Seifert at Off The Hook Fly Shop in California. His shop has lots of hard to find stuff for the salmon fly tier.

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    Default Re: What are your TOP 3 Flyshops - Top down order

    Because we haven't the numbers of Flyfishers in Australia we don't have access to all the gear you guys do,however the main ones we have are Otto's in Syndney,Compleat Angler both in Melbourne & Sydney,also The Alpine Angler in the Snowy Mountains,even they are the closest I find I can import a wider range of gear,usually cheaper.
    Also I've bought gear from many sites mentioned,from England,New Zealand, China,Africa,alsofrom Fishermans Warehouse,Angler's Habitat,Fishwest,Oregon Stillwater Outfitters,Flyfishing Discounters plus numerous others mainly on eBay so I really don't have any favourites,at present I'm in the process from ordering supplies from another three I haven't dealt with before.


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    Default Re: What are your TOP 3 Flyshops - Top down order

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
    I want to say Gates Ausable Lodge but I'm not sure how much it has changed since Rusty's passing. Rusty was always good to me and not afraid to share a pattern and show how to tie it.
    The folks at Gates are just as friendly and helpful (sharing flies, etc...) as before Rusty's passing.

    My top 3:

    Mad River Outfitters
    Gates AuSable Lodge
    Old AuSable Fly Shop

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    Mt. View Sports

    The Fly Shop

    Iliamna's finest,,,Copper River

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    Default Re: What are your TOP 3 Flyshops - Top down order

    Bearlodge Angler in Worland, Wyoming (Bill and Kathi Morrison are very easy to work with and source good materials; quickly)

    Bearlodge Angler- Online Shopping for Fly Tying, Materials and Supplies, Worland Wyoming

    Cookshill Flies - in the UK, but nice selection of quality hackle and game bird skins

    Cookshill Fly Tying Materials

    Blue Ribbon Flies - you've got all of the particulars on them already.

    If you plan to tie Salmon files, then here's a source that's almost a prerequisite: Home


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    Default Re: What are your TOP 3 Flyshops - Top down order

    I like "The Feathered Hook" in Coburn, Pa. , right on Penns Creek...great stuff, great service...thanx Jonas #2 has to be "Feathercraft" based on all the goodies I bought from them. #3 would probably be Yellow Breeches outfitters in Boiling Springs, Pa. the famed Yellow Breeches fly stretch. If you're from Penna., you know this shop!

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    Default Re: What are your TOP 3 Flyshops - Top down order

    To throw a little love to the Central NY region, I'd have to say:

    Troutfitter (Syracuse): Wayne goes above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect. From providing loner vices and rods (at no cost mind you) to his extensive knowledge, he is the man to see in CNY.

    Melinda's Fly Shop (Altmar): Melinda is extremely friendly, always asking how the fishing was and looking to make sure you find what you need. Her shop is extremely well stocked and the prices are fantastic.

    All Season's Sports (Pulaski): Though, in my experience they aren't as "friendly" as the other 2 shops, they are also very well stocked with great prices.

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