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    Thumbs up Boy did I luck out!

    Went fishing recently down the Little Niangua River in southern Missouri for smallies on my Ultimate and got a little careless. Instead of securing my camera in a watertight container, I put it in my shirt pocket where it was when I rolled the yak and went in the very chilly river. When I realized it, I took it out and drained the water from it, but figured it was cooked with my brain immediately focused on what I was going to say to Blondie.
    Well, I got home and used her hair dryer on it and eventually tried it. Kinda' ok, but I could tell some distortion through the lens and kicked in plan b. I had a guide last summer on the Taylor who used desiccant to dry the fly and save on the false casting and my putting it in the trees every now and then. He kept it in a film canister and put the fly in, closed the lid, shook it, and it was instantly dry.
    So...I put the camera in a Rubbermaid container with a packet of desiccant that came with a recent purchse for two weeks.
    It worked. It took all of the moisture from the camera. The camera works. And I lucked out. Craig in windy Kansas

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    Not a bad idea, I will try that next time I drop my phone or camera.....wonder about after the washing machine?
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    i work for a local phone company and have access to desicant.. i knew it dried wires. and flies. but never considered it for drying out electronics.. hmmm.. better keep some available next time i drop my phone in a puddle..

    nice idea..

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    I have waterproof containers I put everything in when I go floating. I have one for my camera that is just a fancy plastic bag that has a waterproof closure. The nice thing about this is that if I do end up in the drink, everything floats, and stays dry. If it is not in a pocket or some storage compartment, I leash it to my float tube or whatever I'm in. This includes my rod. Makes it pretty hard to wreck or loose stuff.

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    Two summers ago I was fishing for walleye and yellow bass on a lake in northern Iowa (with spinning gear). The bite was slow and they allow us to use two rods in Iowa. I was holding one and the other was resting in the back of the boat. As I was tying on a new lure on the rod I was holding, I noticed I was getting a bite on my other pole (a very nice IM8 spinning rig my dad gave me for Christmas). By the time I reached for it, the fish had pulled it overboard, and I was watching the butt of my rod slowly sinking and drifting away. I don't know what was running through my head other than, 'I cannot let my nice rod get away because my wife will never let me buy another one to replace it'.

    The next thing I know I am diving into the lake head first after my rod. I caught the last 1/2" of the rod with my fingertips before it sank away forever. As I was desperately trying to swim back to the boat I realized that I had another line wraped up in my hand. When I got back to the boat I realized that I had inadvertantly knocked my other rod out of the boat and in to the water when I dove off the back of the boat, and the line in my hand was from the other rod.

    When I finally climbed back in the boat I pulled up the line that I had snagged while diving to retrieve the pole that I was originally holding. After that, I started reeling in the pole that had gone over the back of the boat and found that the fish was still on (the largest yellow bass of the day at about a pound and a half).

    I guess to return this story full circle to the topic of this thread, my cell phone was in my pocket the whole time, and when I got back to the boat I could see the water had filled my screen.

    I immediately took the battery out (it was an older LG phone) and got as much water out as I could. I placed the phone in front of a fan for about three days, stuck the battery back in and fired it up. To my amazement it worked like a charm, and fortunately my contract was up at the end of the month so I didn't have to test it's longevity.

    I have also heard that placing wet electronics in a water tight jar with rice in it will do the trick.

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    I've always enjoyed photography, and have a couple of pro-level SLRs that have been around the world. However, for fly fishing and being in and around water, I use an Olympus waterproof, shockproof digital point-and-shoot camera with a floating strap.

    There are several manufacturers offering these now, and they are definitely worth it. They work in fresh and saltwater, and can be submerged to 10 meters. They are great for snorkeling. I also use it in the pool with the kids. My daughter loves to chuck it in the pool and swim for it. If it gets dirty or exposed to saltwater, I just submerge it in a bucket of clean water and wipe it dry. The image quality and capabilities of these cameras are impressive.

    They're waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof.

    If you're taking pictures from a 'yak, I would invest in a waterproof camera. It is one less thing to worry about.

    Shockproof Waterproof Digital Cameras Olympus



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    The dessicant works...but if you don't have access to it and having been a drowner of electronics (phones and cameras)for number of years now.
    During the heat of summer you can leave phones and cameras on the dash of one's car and by the end of the day it will be dried out. I have done this with my current phone 2x, after it has taken a dunk along with myself.
    I eventually bought a waterproof camera but the phone still is not.
    Quick dunk...back to the car, open the phone, remove battery, throw it on the dash, close the door and back to fishing.
    If it wasn't a really bad dunk, by the time I'm ready to go home it's dry. If it was a bad one. I will leave it on the dash another day. That has always done the trick for me.

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