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    Ok fellow anglers, I'm still undecided on a toon. I've researched all the major brands and ran across a recommendation to check out the watermaster kick boat. Does anybody have any comments on the watermaster? Advantages over the toon, disadvantages??? Given the price as comparable to the higher end toons, I'm just wondering if the raft style kickboats are all they are built up to be. What say ye ole' masters of the fly????
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    The little rafts look intersting. They do have an advantage of defating and packing in less space.. I can not tell about seat. The seat on my fishcat is very comfortable and supports you all day. For myself I would want to be able to use a trolling motor, fins and oars. I did not see how to put a trolling motor on the raft..Go for it and let us know. I bought my second outcast pontoon this week so I got a pair. Now I can take a buddy and not have to drag along my jon boat..good luck..

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    I have fished the watermaster quite a bit when I first started flyfishing and they work great out here in Montana, and the only draw back I can even think of is how low you are to the water compared to a pontoon boat. Sitting higher definately helps my casting, I have a pontoon and it works great. Hope this helps.

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