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    Default Turn off the faucet please-

    The past week has seen over 16 inches of rain in NW Arkansas and southern Missouri. Rivers and lakes are flooded to record levels and it will be weeks before anything returns to normal. The dam in the picture is Table Rock dam which is the second in line in a chain of dams on the White River. Below Table Rock is Lake Taneycomo of which is a fairly decent trout fishery. The older residential parts of Branson rim this lake as well as Branson Landing. The landing has a Bass Pro shops and up until Thursday had a Bass Pro dock. The enormous water release caused the dock to break free and travel many miles downstream before they could capture it.

    By the numbers-
    Standard pool level in Table Rock is 915ft above sea level, it crested at a touch over 935.

    Table Rock Lake is 43,100 acres, in 24 hours the lake rose 7 ft or more.

    The picture shows the maximum water release of 68,000 cubic feet per second.

    All this water will make it's way from Table Rock downstream to Bull Shoals lake. It is the river below Bull Shoals that is the fabled waters of the White River known for some amazing trout fishing. We will not be wading that river anytime soon.

    Unexpected benefits

    Didymo is now Didy-gone. Most doubt that this snot can take releases of 68,000cfs.

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    Wow, that is certainly concerning.

    I recently visited an area of the Chattahoochee river very near my house. While not a legendary fishery like the White, I still enjoy it. The water was up over 10 feet, and wading was impossible.

    Living in the South lately has been pretty tough.

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    Default Re: Turn off the faucet please-

    I fish the Lower Illinois below Tenkiller lake in Oklahoma. The lake is up over 30 feet from all the rain and all the flood gates have been opened to bring it down. This happened a few years back which resulted in the water temps getting too high for the trout and a lot of trout died off. I'm hoping they can get the water down enough so they can quit running water out of the flood gates and release it from the bottom of the dam from the conduit gates. The water is much colder from the bottom of the lake. Water has been staying around 57 so hopefully it won't get too much higher.

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