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  1. Default LECHLADE - Newbie, returning to the sport after many years

    Hi All,

    Brand new to the forum, and making a return to fly-fishing after many (17) years out.... Good to meet you...

    Having treated myself to some new gear I am trying Lechlade for the first time on Sunday. I used to fish Chalk Springs and smaller waters in West Sussex, most of which I believe are no longer there.

    Any words of wisdom for this water, especially after the recent warm weather?

    Thankyou in Advance, and All the Best,


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    Default Re: LECHLADE - Newbie, returning to the sport after many years

    Ben: Welcome to the forum and the great sport of fly fishing! I can't help with information on those streams, but I'm sure others on here can provide some assistance!


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    Thanks Larry. Can't wait to get back out there......!

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    Hi ben

    Welcome to the forum

    First off this is the usa forum .there is a uk version which will not doubt give you the advice your looking for .a quick google search should find you in the uk forum.

    I am new to this forum to as I have just moved to the usa from the uk but used the uk forum and you will find both very welcoming

    I havnt fished lechlayde but fished chalk springs recently from what I have heard its much busyer than it used to be .I think weekdays are best . When I was there gold head daddies where doing the business but heard stalking bugs are good too

    Thats about all I can tell you about that area but there are alot of good places to fish around there.

    Hope that helps


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    Default Re: LECHLADE - Newbie, returning to the sport after many years

    benjy d. Yes, this is the North American section of a primarily UK forum. I think that we have plenty of guys from the UK, and other parts of Europe, and the world on here. Hope that you choose to stick around so we can hear how your fishing in the UK goes.

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