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    Default Any Old-Timers Remember?

    Waaaay back when I used to fish in WV, we used flyrod lures occasionally. Favorites were tiny Helin Flatfish, Lazy Ikes and one of my favorites, the Colorado Spinner. Looking for the spinners now and can find the blades but not the assembled spinner. Seems like it consisted of two barrel swivels with a split ring in the middle and the blade connected to the split ring. A second split ring trailed with a small treble hook. No feathers, deer hair or anything, just the hook. Small enough to cast and worked well on small streams for trout, smallmouth and bluegill. I've looked through tackle catalogues and can't seem to find any. Anyone have any idea where these might be purchaased?

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    Default Re: Any Old-Timers Remember?

    I still have a couple of old lazy ikes and even a few fly rod hula poppers.

    As for the spinners, any of the 'ultra light' size can be used with a fly rod. Mepps even recommends it
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