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    hey everyone , its been a while since I have posted but the weather here in Oregon has been terrible , so not much fishing going on..

    Anyways a couple days ago I went and purchased the Garmin Colorado 400i off the net and am expecting it here on wednesday.. The 400 i model is the inland lakes model programmed with a map of all the lakes streams and rivers in the US. Just curious if any of you have and or use Handheld GPS units.

    I will try and get it out this next weekend and report back a mini review if anyone is intrested.


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    I bought a handheld GPS for my son a few years back to use hunting. I've never seen one first hand with the rivers/lakes on it, might be interesting to use. A kayaking friend of mine uses one, don't know the model he has but he really likes the one he has. Keep us posted on what you think of it once you get a chance to play around with it.


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    I bought the Lowrance H2O. I have two Lake Master chips for it. The Lake of the Woods chip has the US portion of the Lake in one foot increments. It shows everything but lost tackle. It also has the river in as great a detail as far as town. (mouth to 13 miles). The newer version has the whole river and the Canadian side of the lake as well. This is the second hand held I have owned. I still have the first. But the H2O besides GPS reads WAAS signals and is accurate enough to put you on the same spot not just the area. The mapping feature is amazing. It has the docks at the resorts here. I walked down one side of the dock at Long Point resort when I first got it. My track was mapped down the side of the dock I walked on. I ice fished for Pike the first year I had it and it took me back to my hot 10" hole exactly. It is way easier on batteries than my first one, and it has the cig. lighter plug too. I bought the RAM mount for it, and the suction cup base also for it. I have the screw down base in the boat and use the suction cup on the inside of the windshield when I ice fish. With the mapping, it is as good as sonar, maybe better, driving on the ice. You can look at the map, and see structure, then drive yourself right to it. And it is accurate enough that when I say right on it, I mean right on it. Navionics makes chips for it also. I have no complaints when it comes to the H2O, and it comes with black and white screen and color. Color runs an extra $100. I think the B&W works as good as color. Before you buy a chip for it, ask around which one works best for your area. Here the Lake Master is better for the river and US side of the Lake but Navionics is better on the Canadian side. Find the one that works best for where you will be fishing before you drop the money on a chip. You may want more than one.

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    My biggest complaint with Gps is that you can't switch to black and white (or black and orange). I cannot see the screen on mine if mounted on top of the center console, and keep it inside the console, which is a pain. Hand held ones are much better in that regard since you can shield them from the brightness of tropical sun and reflected light.

    One of my buddies who guides out of Islamorada, sold his big screen one and uses the hand held type because of this.


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