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Thread: Tungsten hooks

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    Hi All,
    I was just wondering while trying to add lead to a 22 fly: Why not make/use tungsten hooks? Tungsten density is about 2.5 x that of steel.

    I know we would have to pay a premium for these but...

    This obsession came about an awkward (but not unheard) experience in which I could swear a fish went for my split shot (don't some of you guys carry a bag of sand to dull you split shots, Ard??). Ever since, I am trying to add weight to my midges and nymphs as much as possible to avoid having to add split shots. Winter fishing in CO requires SMALL flies and hence the difficulty of adding the appropriate weight.

    You get the point. Thoughts?

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    I use Beartooth Lead Heads instead of shot. Braided mono with a very soft lead core, they work great and you can place them mid way in a leader system. Googgle Beartooth fishing and take a look.


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    Seems to me tungsten would be too brittle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
    Seems to me tungsten would be too brittle.
    Agreed. I think bismuth is another that's extra heavy, but also brittle.

    I wouldn't be surprised if somebody figures out a way to make an alloy from one of them that works for hooks.

    I suppose another possibility would be to use the same metal but increase the diameter of the shank to add weight. It would be tricky though: you'd have to make "wire" that was of intermittent thickness, and get it just right for the amount needed for each hook, etc. Very interesting concept though. I could see it making great bendbacks, and damsel nymphs, and.....

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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