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Thread: 8wt Choices & Questions

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    Default 8wt Choices & Questions

    I am looking at adding an 8wt to the arsenal. The problem I am having with my decision is in whether to get a 9' or 8'. Living where I do in Texas I will target LM bass most often and like the idea of the shorter rod. I have heard good things about the 8' Scott A3 rods and I am also considering something like the Redington Predator. I also want to start fishing some salt and would be targeting redfish and hopefully bones one day. In the 9' length I am considering a Helios or Winston BIIMX. I might even throw a Scott into the mix. I have even considered the TFO Clouser as a sort of compromise of the two.

    I know that I can target LM bass and other freshwater fish with the 9' and do not need a bass "specific" rod. However, I am wondering if the 8' would work for chasing redfish, bones and freshwater stripers or would I be limiting the casting capabilities need to chase these fish?

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    Default Re: 8wt Choices & Questions


    Unless there is some reason to need a shorter rod I would always go with the longer of them. If anyone is offering a 9'6" or 10' I wouldn't count them out. You'll be glad when you need to toss a long line.

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    Default Re: 8wt Choices & Questions

    the only reason to use the 8 footer if you plan to fish bass tourneys. they have a rule on rod lenth. I think 8' max.
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    Default Re: 8wt Choices & Questions

    hi txbevo, i was looking at both those rods for 10wt (a3 and predator) after talking to both companies they didnt sound to excited promoting these rods. they both told me that there are better rods. the predator is designed to pick up fish from tube or boat. i ended up getting a flight. the flight is also very light. not as light as the helios but just as light as the z axis. i never been to tx, but if its windy there at the coast you would want something fast. i never fished for bonefish but from what i understand you have to cast far and accurately i think the 8ft might hurt you a little. with a cheaper rod you can dump more money into a really nice reel to help with bones and redfish. hope that helps.

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    Default Re: 8wt Choices & Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by sandfly View Post
    the only reason to use the 8 footer if you plan to fish bass tourneys. they have a rule on rod lenth. I think 8' max
    I've looked into this before and any bass tournaments that allow fly rods have no length requirements.
    The B.A.S.S. affiliated tourneys have the under 8' rod rule but do not allow fly fishing

    I use a homerolled 8'9" 8wt for bass fishing. The somewhat shorter length is good for accuracy, but it's still long enough for mending over the lillies and other vegetation during a drift.
    For the salt, I use 2 other 8wts. The go-to is a PacBay 9', but I also fish a 10' that's best for mending over the breakers when fishing in the surf.
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    Default Re: 8wt Choices & Questions

    I'd go with the 9' or longer...


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    Default Re: 8wt Choices & Questions

    I'll join the band wagon, and agree that the 9 footer is the better choice. I fish and eight weight 9' TFO TiCrX for Redfish and also an eight weight 9' TFO axiom. Both are pretty fast action rods, with the TiCrX being a trifle slower than the Axiom. Both have the muscle for anything I have hooked into. My biggest Redfish to date bottomed out the 25 pound scale the guide had on board.....he guestimated it at 30-32 pounds. Hopefully this summer I can beat that fish.

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    Default Re: 8wt Choices & Questions

    I would have to agree with everyone else go with the 9'. Unless your planning on fishing small tight water there is no reason for a shorter rod, and especially no need for a short rod on Reds and Bones. You'll be making longer cast for Reds and Bones and will want the longer rod.
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    Default Re: 8wt Choices & Questions

    I'd say it depends on whether you'll be fishing from a boat, or on foot. The boat effectively adds to the length of the rod in that you're less likely to drop the line onto the water on longer casts. Casting 70' with a 8' rod from a boat is generally no trouble, but doing so while nut-deep is a whole diff't ballgame.

    An 8' rod will often be a bit more accurate than a 9' rod.

    Due to leverage, a 9' rod will generally also create more line speed than a shorter rod.

    The 8wt Clouser rod does indeed sound like a good compromise. If you can find one, Sage used to make a 8'6" 8wt RPLXi that also would be ideal. Scott's old 8'8" HeliPly rods are also marvelous.

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    Default Re: 8wt Choices & Questions

    I bought the Z-Axis 9'0" 8wt for the salt, and I now use the Sage Largemouth 7'11" rod primarily for the bass fishing. I was highly skeptical of the Sage bass specific rods...until I tried one.

    If I were to settle on one for both salt and bass, which I did at first when I bought the Z-Axis, that would be my pick. If you want to add more to the arsenal, having both is really nice.

    I've heard good things about the Predator and the Scott rods as well.



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