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Thread: Fertilize Lake

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    Default Fertilize Lake

    Hi Guys
    This time of the year I really get into the bluegill fishing. During the month of June the lake I fish is loaded with fertilize, which makes it almost impossible for the fish to see your fly. I can only see 6" deep in this green slime. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fish this mess???
    Thanks Bill

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    Default Re: Fertilize Lake

    Try using some really small poppers (either fly or foam or cork) or some foam spiders with rubber legs. Float them on the surface near (not over) the bedding areas and the males will come out to defend their mates and nests, while the females will remain on the nests to lay eggs and protect the fry. Twitch them (not stripping) every so often to disturb the surface and get the attention of the bluegills, and then hang on - try to lead the gills away from the bedding area to avoid disturbing the rest of the fish. Have fun!

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    Default Re: Fertilize Lake

    Is 'fertilize' the same thing as 'algae bloom'?

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    Eutrophication really puts a damper on summer fishing thats why you have to head up to the north woods

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    Fertilizer from neighboring farm lands blew the Lake Harris chain in central florida (lake county). I lived there through it and before, lake harris was on the bass master trail but in less than three years it was over. there were acres of hydrilla on the lakes and thousands of prime bedding locations. After the blooms started the Hydrilla picked up, floated away and rotted to nothing.

    Brewmaster nailed it. Poppers to get sound location for the fish and alot of patience. Sometimes, back when I smoked, I would smoke half a cigarette in between pops or pop pairs. you just dont want the lure to wander too far from where the fish hear the pop.

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    Default Re: Fertilize Lake

    It's noon and 37 degrees here. The only green thing near here is the neighbor's truck. And what is this "Summer" thing you speak of?

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    Default Re: Fertilize Lake

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
    And what is this "Summer" thing you speak of?
    It's a weird ritual the have down south.
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

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