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    Default I can't Stand the "Rabble" Anymore!

    My wife and I saddled up for an afternoon of flyfishing Neshaminy Creek: the portion that runs through Tyler State Park (Bucks County, PA). We arrived to find about 20 anglers scattered in a decent sized pool, adjacent to a parking lot. If you don't look at the parking lot, it's quite scenic. Today's crowd included a large number of kids and adults throwing and skipping stones directly at the anglers wading in the stream! Two PA park rangers stood there doing nothing at all, and I was dumbfounded when I saw that the anglers weren't doing a damn thing to stop the rock throwing. I walked up to two guys that were tossing the biggest rocks (and also coming within 2 feet of beaning the wading anglers), and said, "How's the Fishing?!?!?" They replied, "Wee don't see no fish" (insert south of the border accent). I said, "MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE OF THE ROCKS YOU'RE THROWING!" Their idiotic grins faded, and they dropped the rocks. I asked a few anglers why they were putting up with this nonsense, and they shrugged their shoulders.....

    The next episode occurred within 30 minutes, when the dog people arrived. They were throwing frisbees, logs, and everything else across the stream (and over the heads of the anglers wading in that pool!), and 100 pound dogs splashed back and forth. My wife and I began our fishing downstream of thiscircus, but I decided to go up and remind the dog owners about the park's leash laws. They ignored me....

    There were some very nice Russians just downstream of us, and they were fishing quietly with their very nice kids. They were catching little sunfish and a few trout. Not a single adult had a license, but the rangers only stand in the parking lot(???). It's pretty common for Russians to fish without a license around here, and enforcement is pretty spotty. They check my license, but the Russians get a pass....????

    So that's that! We're going to find small secluded streams, far from parking lots, dogs, and rock throwing idiots.

    How was your day?

    P.S. We fished a lower section of the same creek yesterday (on the edge of the state park), and there were two 10 yr old-ish boys throwing rocks into
    a group of anglers....BIG ROCKS. Before we entered the stream, I politely explained to them that the guys in the stream were fishing, and rocks scare fish. They
    looked at me like I was speaking chinese, and picked up more rocks. I asked them to throw the rocks toward the woods, but they just dropped them. We walked
    a hundred yards downstream, and began fishing. The two kids returned to throwing rocks into the pool that was being fish, and nearly hitting the wading anglers!
    I reminded them about our conversation, and asked if theor parents where there. They said they were, and I asked where. A couple of the anglers pointed
    upstream, gesturing a sort of resignation about the issue. If someone were throwing rocks at me, there'd be anything but resignation! I blame the complacent
    anglers as much as the parents for this whole disaster. I blame myself as well. I knew what we would find there....sort of: the rock throwing at anglers is a new

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    Default Re: I can't Stand the "Rabble" Anymore!

    One of the biggest reasons I moved from bucks to many idiots anymore and nonething being done. You should have confronted the rangers about the problem. all the parks in bucks are like that anymore. file a complaint with the rangers and call the local WCO and file. At least the wild streams in bucks are protected from that kind of circus.
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    Default Re: I can't Stand the "Rabble" Anymore!

    Get the rangers badge number and contact their supervisor, it is their job to protect the people using the park at the very least. Are these rangers the ones checking licenses? If so the next time they check yours ask them why the Russians aren't being checked.

    My $0.02 worth,


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    Default Re: I can't Stand the "Rabble" Anymore!

    I blame the complacent anglers as much as the parents for this whole disaster.

    This all started with the disintegration of good manners, which is nothing more than respect for others. As a southern boy raised by an Alabaman mother and schooled by Catholic nuns in grammar school, I was shocked by the manner in which kids up north addressed their parents and other elders as a teenager, and more shocked at the goings on in the liberal public schools systems.

    There are still places in the deep south where the kind of behavior you experienced is not tolerated, but even they are under seige now.

    Too many rats in a cage.


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    Default Re: I can't Stand the "Rabble" Anymore!

    I try not to subject myself to those sort of days.
    Fishing is suppose to be fun and relaxing not aggravating, so if I even suspect that I'll run into a crowd at my preferred spot I'll go elsewhere.
    Little trickles of headwaters, small ponds, big, slow water below the 'popular' areas. There's always somewhere where I can find some peace even if I don't catch all the fish.
    The most popular spots are best fished on weekdays anyway. And not Monday or Tuesday either. Go later in the week after the fish get over being traumatized all weekend.
    My fishing time is too short to spend it putting up with the 'rabble'
    Just say no and save yourself the grief.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: I can't Stand the "Rabble" Anymore!

    Not to sound like a jerk, but that kind of behavior is almost to be expected when fishing in any place with a parking lot.

    Don't get me wrong, I am in no way condoning their actions but as disrespectful as their actions may be, the state parks are there for ALL to use. For some of us, it means fishing. For others it means skipping stones, throwing rocks, and playing fetch with their dogs.

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    Default Re: I can't Stand the "Rabble" Anymore!

    Hi Guys,
    I knew it would be crowded, but the rock throwing at anglers was a new twist. The rangers each had a vehicle, and were well within view of the events I described. They were too busy shooting the breeze with each other while leaning against their cars. I did walk past them, and said hi, and they did look up from their conversation to smile. There's an overall lack of law enforcement in this part of the state, especially with motor vehicles. I spend a lot of time on the road during the day, and maybe once a month see a car pulled over. I live along the U.S. Route 1 corridor, and it's a zoo. Lots of police, but little concern on their part. It's no wonder that the people at the park feel the posted rules can be ignored.

    The park has leash law regs posted at regular intervals, and definitely around the area where the dogs were swimming. They also have no swimming signs.
    Throwing rocks and skipping stones is one thing, but throwing them at anglers is an entirely different story. I will call the park's ranger office, and report the
    lack of enforcement. I'll also call the regional CWO, and report what's going on there.

    A lot of anglers complain to the Rangers about the russians not having licenses, and they get little reaction. There is a county ranger who is on a one man crusade to check for licenses, and he'll corner 20 guys, and check licenses against photo ID's. License sharing is apparently common, but it warms my heart when I see him in action.

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    Default Re: I can't Stand the "Rabble" Anymore!

    You guys may see some change, as budget woes tend to increase enforcement.
    I know it has out here!
    Ignore the less polite, you can't educate them into your reality.
    I avoid most of the population if I can, and rejoice when I encounter an enlightened soul.
    Don't let them get to you. Rudness is a big part of "popular" culture.
    Walking a little puts you in better head space, and away from the hoard.
    Besides, Walter probably doesn't live next to the parking lot.

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Default Re: I can't Stand the "Rabble" Anymore!

    My son has a few days away from his base, and we decided to visit the park, hoping for the best. He's based at Dover AFB, and likes to ride his bike through the hilly trails at the park in question. This afternoon's crowd was completely opposite of yesterday's, and we had a great time. There were about 10 anglers in sight at any time, and all were doing very well. I didn't see anyone catch trout yesterday, but there weren't any disturbances, nor 40 anglers casting into the same area. I was surprised to see several other fly anglers there, more than I had seen in the past. The passerbys had all the dogs leashed, and all had kind words for anglers and non-anglers alike. There was a good bit of comraderie among all anglers, and we all had a very pleasant afternoon.

    Here's a pic of the stream, about 400 yards downstream of the parking lot. My son took the pic while riding his bike along the trail on the opposite bank. I'm
    the speck barely visible in the center:

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    Default Re: I can't Stand the "Rabble" Anymore!

    One of the pleasures I get from fly fishing or fishing period is hunting for a spot less fished but fishy looking. This of course means walking and bush wacking but it sets my mind more than going straight from the car or tent directly to the stream and casting. Its interesting around here that once you get far enough away from the parkinglot or campgrounds you no longer meet anglers that don't feel like you do (for the most part). Those looking for the remote spot are also usually willing to give you space. This to me is worth walking a couple miles or more.

    On another note, I've found that if kids are swimming/splashing in one end of a 30 yard pool, the other end is holding catchable fish. In areas of heavy human traffic, the trout will feed during more constant distrubance than in remote areas. Last weekend I entertained a few teenagers camped along the river. Spring break and a group of 15 or so...some were loud. Some sat and watched me land trout with nymphs late in the day, then I move up towards them to fish risers with a dry, catching two right in front of them. Later, two of them came and told me it was "so cool" being right there. They were litterally 15 feet away viewing the cast, drift and take.

    You never know when your "ambassador" hat is on!
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